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Age No Bar

I am going to be thirty five in a few days and I cannot for-the-love-of-god believe it. Not 'coz I am in denial. Just 'coz I don't feel it. It doesn't help that I don't relate much to people my age ('coz) which always makes me wonder whether it is me or them? Ninety-nine percent I am sure it is me.

I don't know where the past decade went, though? What did I achieve? Did I grow-up? Did I change? 'Coz I feel the same. I (almost) even look the same. I have the same hobbies, same interests. I don't live in the same place (or city) but besides that everything else around me and in my headspace is the same. 

Mentally I am no more than twenty three (may be) so when I meet people who are ACTUALLY in their twenties I realize, 'boy! time has flow by!'. I recently met Supal in London and felt the same way. I listened to her achievements, her joie de vivre, her journey so far, and her dreams for the future and I realized how wonderful twenties are. They are confusing, and full of self-doubt but they are also hopeful and full of enthusiasm. (I have a thing or two to learn from her.) I don't wish to be in twenties, for I LOVEEE my thirties but I could use a little bit of that unlimited supply of wishful dreaming! :)

This is the first outfit from the recent trip to London. It was cold and I was wrapped in warm layers. 
Green & Grey 1
Green & Grey 15
Green & Grey 4 
Green & Grey 16
Green & Grey 9 
Green & Grey 18
Green & Grey 10   Green & Grey 19 Green & Grey 14
Photography via Supal

Jacket - The North Face // Similar
Sweater - c/o Uniqlo // Same
Skirt - c/o Uniqlo // Similar
Boots - c/o ShoeDazzle
Gloves - Moschino // Cuter
Bag - Chanel // Similar



  1. Love the skirt n I miss my twenties too.


    1. Thanks! :) I don't miss my twenties. I only miss the blind optimism :D

  2. I had no idea you also celebrate a February birthday. No wonder we share that Aquarius connection 🙂 And it's not the years that matter, rather the moments you celebrate

    1. So true Nisha! :) I am a cusp of Aquarius & Pisces

    2. I always followed your posts and never realised you were a cups. I am an aquarius and Pisces cusp. 20 feb. entering my 40s
      Happy Birthday to us.

  3. You matured early and became the person that you are. Your unique qualities (e.g., intellectual curiosity; seriousness of purpose; discipline) led you there. This gives you a head-start on most people your age.

    You're not done growing though yet. You'll have a second (and possibly) third spurt of personal growth, likely in your early-40's when you question your path in life. At that stage, you'll re-assess and make adjustments. "Mid-life crisis" is real and usually healthy. Maybe you'll start riding motorcycles!

    1. Your comment always uplifts my day. I hope I continue to grow in the right direction :)

  4. GORGEOUS. I love the layers with this outfit!

  5. Beautiful look -- especially the skirt. I get what you mean about people in their twenties having so much excitement and dreams. But I really like being in my 30s. When I meet people in their 20s they are really ridiculous to me, lol. Maybe I'm meeting the wrong people, but when older people talk about millennials, those people I meet in their 20s are definitely the people they are referring to. I really can't relate to them.

  6. Oh Tanvi, I can relate. I don't know how I'm 31 and not 24. I don't feel it! But you look absolutely amazing, and I need those boots!

  7. I think age gets easier the more it happens!! I have to admit, I love being in my 50's now!!
    I hope you have a great birthday, Tanvi!

  8. i am turning 3-0 next month too...while i dont feel 30, im like should i have achieved this? should i be this way? should i have a house? husband? i dont know its been lots of thinking lately.

  9. Great Post ! Nice Outfit !

  10. It does feel weird to be in your 30's because I don't feel old in anyway, if anything I feel fitter and better than ever before. I know exactly what I want and I don't feel confused about any of my life choices.


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