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Do You Know About Agritopia?

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One of the the most amazing things about traveling is when you come to know about local communities and cultures who are living differently. Breaking the mould and walking the talk. One such experience was all the way in Gilbert, Arizona. One of the stops was at the Agritopia® community. It is a modern-village or sorts which is set within the urban fabric of the Phoenix metro area. 

The name itself sparks curiosity: Agritopia®. The theme behind this community is preserving urban agriculture. In their own words, "It is a principle-driven development that puts people and relationships ahead of money and trendiness." The community is comprised of 450 residential lots along with commercial, agricultural, and open space tracts. 

In 1960, Jim Johnston and his wife, Virginia bought the farm. Their vision for the farm was an ideal place to farm and to raise their three boys, Joe, Steve, and Paul. They built a home on the farm (which is now Joe’s Farm Grill. Picture below) and lived a very rural, independent life. In the late 1990’s, when Gilbert started to grow, the Johnston family made the decision to wider their vision for the farm. Their eldest son, Joe who had now become an engineer, spearheaded the design of Agritopia®. Working with a land planner, landscape architects, and others in the development community, a land plan that met the family’s goals was created. It preserved urban agriculture, was very walkable, neighborly, broke down barriers between people, and had many use categories. In 2000, after the approval from the Town of Gilbert, construction of Agritopia® began.

Today, Agritopia® is an all functional community with a farm, small businesses (such as winery, florist, salon, and more), residential are - all in all a complete micro-city.  Agritopia® is gridded with tree-lined streets and looks like a charming little community. And of course, all these years later, the Johnston family still lives in Agritopia®.

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There is no staff at the store. Everyone picks what they want and pay at the self check out. Honor system. 

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They also have their own in house local wine and beer and a cute outside patio area to enjoy the beverages in perfect Arizona weather. 

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A on site cute coffee shop where everything is of course organic with various vegan options. 

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  1. What a great concept. I'd love to be involved in urban agriculture somehow. For now, I'm just shopping at farmer's markets when possible (which here is still imported goods!)

  2. I didn't even know this was a thing. The produce looks amazing there though!
    xo Jessica

  3. Agritopia truly looks like a utopia! Love supporting the "little guy" and the fruits and veggies look delicious. Looks really lovely!

  4. This is my kind of place - I wish there was something like this close to where I live. Those delicious cupcakes look so tempting!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  5. What a great story! I enjoyed the photos too!

    Beth ||

  6. I had no idea it existed, but it's certainly an interesting concept! I'm so glad to hear that they've been doing well for so long, it gives me hope for all of the recent efforts around me to do similar things :)

  7. What an interesting concept! I have to admit, I've never even heard of this place. One of my favorite things about England was the little farm shops with the honor system. Good to see places in the US doing this too!

  8. This is a really cool concept! It's cool to think that this kind of place has been around for awhile, offering seasonal produce and healthy foods. I would definitely love to visit if I get to Phoenix!

  9. What an awesome concept! I love that they use the honor system. I know it wouldn't work in many places, but I've seen it in Amish country since they don't have anyone to man the stands and most people were definitely honest!

  10. What a great idea and an awesome experience! I'm disappointed that I missed this when I was in Arizona. I'll have to go back.

  11. This all looks so cool! You did a great job sharing with your description and photos. What a unique place!

  12. What an interesting concept and place. Agritopia will for sure be on my list if I ever am in Phoenix!

  13. I've never heard of Agritopia, but wow! Such a great concept and cute little community!!!

  14. Wow this is super cool...I love places like this and always go to my weekly farmers market. I'll be sure to visit if I'm ever in the area!


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