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Turkish Delights

Can I just skip over the whole "New Year" goals and intentions part? 'Coz honestly, nothing has changed. I have the same goals, same intentions, same aspirations. Dec. 31st and Jan 1st just kinda-blended together and I feel no different what-so-ever. Although I do have one specific goal I want to achieve. This

I just want to quickly jump over to the outfit, because I am IN LOVE - with this jacket. Is that possible? I saw it and I bought it. I am not an impulse shopper. But since I always shop with a purpose, I almost instantly know when I MUST have something. This was not a purchase of "need". It was a purchase of "want", a purchase of "unique investment piece". The bonus is that the work is in velvet, which is in season, but this is not as overwhelming to wear as an all-out-velvet. Also, even when velvet goes out of fashion, this would still remain a treasured acquisition! 

Oh, but I forgot to mention where I bough it - in Istanbul, Turkey upon our recent visit. What a fabulous city. I am so sorry about what is happening there right now. 

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Location - Istanbul, Turkey

Jacket - From Turkey // Pretty Cool
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban // Same
Dress - From thrift store
Earrings - c/o Lou Lou Box
Boots - c/o Musse and Cloud // Another Option



  1. We wanted to visit Istanbul back in 2015 but never got around to it. I hope things start to get better over there. And yes, you can totally be in love with this jacket -- it's so you!


  2. i did set some intentions because for some reason, i have this energy that 2017 will be different..you are killing that jacket - such a statement piece!

  3. That jacket is incredible. What a stunning print!

  4. That jacket is stunning! I also love how you could pair it with a lengha for a Indian look ☺


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