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Why You Should Consider Waxing In Winters

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Keeping a continuous, long term relationship with waxing will give you the smooth results that we all desire. During winter months, it's especially important to keep up with your monthly waxing. If you have been following my Insta Stories, you must have noticed my live updates from Cera Wax Studio even on the frigid months. A lot of you asked why I get waxing done in winters and/or why I get waxing done at all. Here are my top three reasons to maintain waxing routine, especially during the winter months:

1. Body hairs grow at different rates. By maintaining a regular waxing routine, the hairs are conditioned to grow at the same time. This maximizes the time needed between waxing treatments.

2. During winter, your skin gets a much needed break from external elements such as sun exposure and chemicals like chlorine. Your skin recovers quicker from a waxing treatment during this down time. The redness and sensitivity often experienced after waxing will be minimized without the additional exposure to outside factors.

3. Let’s be honest, waxing can be painful. The more frequently you wax, the less painful it becomes. With each waxing treatment, the roots are weakened. The new growth hair comes in finer and thinner; making in less painful each time you wax.

Exfoliating the day before your appointment will help give you a better wax because the dry skin is gone so the hair is easier to remove. With consistent waxing, your body will produce less and less hair. Eventually, hair will stop growing in the waxed area! Personally, I think it always helps with obtaining an even skin tone throughout the body and getting rid of dry skin. 

These benefits are year round and apply to all body waxing including bikini, back, shoulders, underarm, and leg. Don’t let the winter prevent you from getting your regular wax. 

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  1. I am so glad I read this post. I recently waxed my bikini area for the very first time and it was a bit much; for me. I am a no pain person and avoid pain at all costs. This helps me give it a second go and try to stick with it. Thanks

  2. I either do threading or waxing depending on my mood. But, I just learned a cool beauty tip to taking an aspirin before waxing and it shouldnt hurt as much!

  3. I love waxing in the winter! It's less harsh on my winter-ravaged skin and I feel a winter of waxing leads to a summer of barely any shaving!!

  4. Hi Tanvi, thank you for sharing! I haven't considered this before but will look into it :)

  5. This is great information about waxing that I didn't know. Thank you for letting us know the importance of waxing year round!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  6. Thanks for the waxing tips. This year, I'm thinking about doing the laser away treatments.



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