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How To Prioritize While Packing

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One of the most favorite part of traveling for me is packing. I don't know why, but I love it. It's my jam. Over the years, I have formed a process and as long as I follow it - it is fool-proof!

Lately, since I have been traveling every month, this has become my guide book. I have shared my packing videos with you several times (here. here. here) and each time the steps of packing might vary (as I try to maximize the space) but the tips and tricks to pack are always the same: 

Tip 1. Check the weather forecast for your destination and make sure you pack appropriate pieces.

Tip 2. Prioritize what is important. Keep the medicine, money, valuables and important travel documents in easy reach in your hand baggage.

Tip 3. Write down or make notes on your phone and plan what you will wear each day (and/or evening). That will help you with planning your outfits. 

Tip 4. Whether you’re a folder or a roller, group several garments together at a time when packing to reduce creasing. Personally I start with rolling my clothes and then folding at the end to fill in gaps.

Tip 5. Place heavy items like shoes where they’ll be at the bottom of your bag when it’s standing upright. 
Keep breakable items in the center of the suitcase and flexible items at the corners.

Tip 6. Compartmentalize your packing. Using ziplocs or pouches for each category e.g. one pouch for each: toiletries, under wear, socks, cords and such, makeup, etc. That way you wouldn't have to open your whole bag to just find one thing. 

Tip 7. Don’t forget to leave some room for shopping! Include a lightweight folding bag if you think you might need more space on your return journey.

Tip 8. Always arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before an international and 1 hour before for a domestic flight. It gives you a window to take action, in case of an emergencies, flight cancellations, or who-know-what!


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  1. Ooh! I thought I was the only person who enjoyed packing. I like the mental exercise and it focuses us on our upcoming adventure. My packing is usually more challenging than yours because motorcycles (unlike airplanes) have very limited luggage space, plus one has to consider whether items need to be available during the day or not. You'd enjoy planning to pack for a motorcycle trip as an intellectual challenge.

  2. As always, very helpful tips. Thank you for sharing! On a totally different note, would you mind doing a home tour? I really have been wanting to ask since long.

  3. We're going to Spain this spring so I'll definitely use your tips while packing. They are brilliant! Have a great day. xo

  4. These are some great tips! I love packing, I think its the excitement of getting to see a new place :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such good travel advice!! I am always watching the weather before a trip! It's critical to saving room with your luggage!! We have a weekend get-away coming up and I can't wait to pack for it haha, I get excited just for the packing! XO


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