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Fitness Friday - And We Are Back To Square One!

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We are two weeks into the year and who is still sticking to their resolutions? If you have been keeping up with me over the years you know I do not make any resolutions. I do not even celebrate New Year's Eve. I just roll into the new year in my bed, and start with the same good-ole-routine of workout, breakfast, and life on January 1st.

Through the years, fitness and healthy living have become one of the greatest passions of my life. It would fall right after Travel on the top five list. I like being on-the-go and I like working out. Between these two activities and reading I do not need another thing or person in my life. 

In the last quarter of the 2016 I had put on a good 10 pounds or so (can't be sure about the number because I don't weigh myself) with mindless eating. The only saving grace were consistent workouts else I would have blown up like a ballon. Once the vacations and social obligation got over I had set myself an agenda to shed those 10 pounds. Again! (Remember 8X8?). 

You know I have done with SO MANY times in the last decade, shed the 10 pounds, that now I am starting to be ashamed of myself. Why can't I learn? Why don't I ALWAYS make mindful eating choices? Why do I give-in to the temptations? In 2015 I had stopped drinking alcohol. For good. That didn't help much because I never drank much in the first place. A glass of wine in a month is not many calories in broader spectrum of life.

You know what I actually needed to give up? Sweets and refined carbs. It has been two weeks since I have had either of the two. It has been a daily battle since then. I had once given up sugar for 6 months and I survived. This time I am trying to mentally train myself to give it up for good. Just the thought of it scares me, because I love SO MANY sweet things. But I want to break this cycle. I am tired of putting on and losing the same 10 pounds over the years. Every 'body' is different and mine is unforgiving to my weak will power. I cannot have a bite because it is like tasting blood. Once I had one bite, I want another. I am good with getting rid of things completely from my life versus keeping/having them in moderation. And sugar never really disappears. It always shows up on my butt and belly. Besides if I am able to achieve this sugar and (refined) card free life for good, I have other benefits to look forward to like, good skin, good internal health, high energy, and better looking body. Yes, I am vain. :) 

So I went back to my decade old plan:
  1. Be Real - I know that nothing is going to change over night. It took good three to four months to pile on the fat, and hence it would take almost same amount of time to get rid of it. Hopefully, for good and never to gain it back again. 
  2. H2O - I had been slacking on meeting my water quota in the past year. Now I am logging everything I eat and drink. 80 fl oz of water minimum. 
  3. Balanced Meal - Yeah! That was probably the first thing that went out the door during the travels and holidays. Travel is injurious to my 'healthy lifestyle'. Have to ensure that I eat enough calories to survive, not any more than that! For sure the extra pounds didn't pile up magically. It was all the extra-unnecessary food I was putting in my mouth. I have incorporated more fiber, protein and foods that keep my fuller for longer.
  4. Workout - Like I said my only saving grace was that I do work out for at least 50 minutes 6 times a week (if I am not traveling). So the plan is to continue doing that and challenge myself with more new and different routines. 
What do you think? Sounds like one-helluva-of-a-plan, right? Wish me luck! 


  1. This is an ambitious goal! Good luck achieving it, I'm sure you can do it! Especially if you keep track of your progress here, it should be easier with a bunch of bloggers egging you on!

    I forgot to tell you that I was happy to hear you went thrifting! And belts are a very good first step! You can so often find interesting and cheap belts at the thrift store! Good luck taking more baby steps to find more cheap treasures! It's always like a treasure hunt (what a thrill!) and it's easy on your wallet! Just make sure that you clean the clothes before you wear them.

    Ce qui m'inspire

  2. way to go tanvi.. all the very best..

    i want To share wit u that.... now that i have become diet conscious i automatically avoid the foods that i shud'nt b having... like i guess after a time it just starts coming naturally to u ... and definitely when u have a goal in front of u, u WILL definitely reach there..

    there is no other alternative..

    BE ADAMANT and BE THERE.....

  3. Yooohoo you will definitely "run" a long way babeh!! :)

  4. Omg! A marathon!!! I don't think I'd EVER be able to do one ... I am so proud of you for even thinking of it Tanvi!

    I've taken a couple of days off from running ('female' problems ya know, I've been feeling really down and just wanting to lie in bed the whole time!) but this post is really a wake-up call. Because, even though I have been exercising regularly, I have definitely been over-indulging food-wise (it just HAPPENS when you're around family, doesn't it?) My plan is to go on a 3-day detox of just vegetable soup and fruits (ambitious goal... :P) and then from there start eating healthy, well-balanced meals. AND I need to increase my water intake! I only have 2-3 glasses a day... so shameful. I need to start carrying around a water bottle!

    I have been contemplating whether or not to e-mail you to tell you how much I weigh so I can check in with you in a month or two to see if I've reduced, but I checked myself on the scale and am subsequently too scared to share. Ha!

    Anyway: You can do it Tanvi! :D

  5. Am sure you can do it!
    Be adament n determind.
    All the very best.

  6. You can do it! A marathon is the best motivation! Sigh, as we become older and it's not just about keeping in good health, I'm all about a sensible diet and exercise!

  7. Voo quite a task...Even I am back to my weight trainnign and cardio exercises...Loving it because it doesnt make me feel guilty of what I eat otherwise even If i have 1 chapati i feel guilty of it ..

  8. Oh honey you really are such an inspiration. I have to motivate myself as well. I was doing wonderfully for a while and loving it. Eating really well and cooking and working out but I fell off the wagon since last weekend and it's just depressing. You're motivating me to get back on. OK after this weekend :)

    Have a great one honey! xoxo

  9. I'm glad you are doing fitness posts again! Like fashion, fitness is a big part of my life, so I love reading about it too!

    Goooooo Tanvi! Get it girl! lol

    xx rk

  10. Gooo team Tanvi! I'm a runner, and I will tell you the reason that I run is that it's cheap! Honestly, this is really the reason! All it takes is a good pair of running shoes (which I only use to run in, so they last longer). Also, you can do it anywhere as long as there isn't ice and snow. So I say, go for it, I will encourage you! XO!

  11. All the best!! I am sure u can do it...

    abt smiling Sonam: I was in a grouchy mood when I did that post. A friend asked me to style dress shorts for her which I did as a post but I am dont think these shopping posts go with the theme of my blog..So was very pissed:-)

  12. Hey girl, just got off a plane need to catch up. You are in shape girl...

  13. I like your version of the Catch-22 :-p

    Keep the dedication running (pun intended) :-p

    And when it time of need, remember to head down to Pinkberry. Instant pick-me-up and energy to run MORE!!

  14. So exciting, great post and great blog; happy I found you! If you stick to your goals you'll TOTALLY be able to do it! Good for you! All the exercise, healthy eating and lifestyle and running will all start to get easier and dare I say a little bit obsessive :)

    Delightful Bitefuls

  15. Great post! ANd I must say you still look stunning and super fit!

    GO go go Tanzzzz!!!You'll do it! We have to catch up soon soon;-) Miss you x

  16. Thank Thank You for all your support. I am gonna stay focused and keep you all updated on my progress! Really excited about it now :o)

  17. hey! good luck with the plan..i too have started my walk alomost regularly..i am not much of a runner and i guess your updates would also help me stay on track :))

    really need to start drinking up water..iam downright lazy in doing that and it starts showing on my skin time to empty those bottles :))

  18. i wish i was a runner!!!

  19. Great tips. I always forget to pack water and end up hatinggg myself at the end of my run!

  20. Wow..sounds like a plan! And I guess seeing you do it will also inspire me to get off my butt and actually start using my treadmill that's just been rusting away! Go for it!!

    Thanks for the follow btw!! :)

  21. ohhh god hunny, i have just totally fallen in love with u!!! u go girl!!!

    AND although i am taking a break from running a marathon this yr, i am coordinating the marathon training program for Asha for Education, NYC/NJ Chapter... look into an Asha chapter near u..its a great non-profit and an amazing cause to run for... i have run 2 full and 2 half marathons for Asha in the past 3 yrs. coz the best part is that its a zero over head, all volunteer driven organization, so all the money we raise goes straight to education of under privileged children in India.. i know, i sound like a sales person..but i truly believe in the cause..

    and if u need any motivation at any time or tips etc on running, just drop me a me im a really good motivator...

    good luck and im super proud of u for doing a marathon!!


  22. I was so confused when I saw the comments on here -- is this an old post, revised?

    Anyway, kudos to cutting out carbs and sugar. I never could and I don't want to, either. I totally should cut back, though. Less sugar and less carbs is always a good idea. Definitely up the protein (not sure how easy or hard that is for you since you're a vegetarian), but protein is key. I try a high protein, low carb diet (and workout 6 days a week).

  23. As a child I did a marathon. But now I am not sure. Neaded much practice.

  24. Great post and you look great! I cut our sugar last New Year. I lost so much weight! I also feel way better too. Way to go!

  25. what????? i cannot do it forever - i love me cakes and everything sweet. sending you best wishes and all will power :)

  26. Good luck!!! I would fail so fast! LOL

  27. Sounds like a good plan! The bane of my existence are those last 10lbs!


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