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Tribal Vibes

I was not planning to take these past few days off (from blogging and social media). My plans was to take the last week off but I decided to be spontaneous and be my own boss (which I am!) and take a break when I thought I really needed it. And it felt SO GOOD! 

Last five days all I have done is watched television, checked out Christmas decorations in D.C., gone for date nights (every day!), watched two movies within a span of five days, at the cinemas (which we hadn't done in probably two years), and binge watched shit load of YouTube. Oh! and I didn't Instagram. At all! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I sure did and I am all geared up for 2017. 
Tribal Vibes Tribal Vibes 2 Tribal Vibes Tribal Vibes
Tribal Vibes
Pictures by Drishti Photography 
Bralette - UO
Skirt - From Jaipur
Jewelry - From India 



  1. Good for you! Doing what we want, whatever that is, refreshes our mind and soul. Relax, enjoy!

  2. It's really nice to take a break from social media, especially during the holidays when there's so much to do and so many people to see anyone. Hope you're feeling relaxed and refreshed. You look beautiful!
    erin |

  3. I don't get this kind of quality with indoor shots, but your photos turned out so beautifully! And kudos to you for taking some time off. Always a good idea. What movies did you see?

  4. Everyone needs a break! Especially for the new year. I am glad you have relaxation. You look beautiful in your photos btw (:

    Isaly Holland

  5. that sounds like the perfect way to recharge! which movies did you see? Did you feel inspired when you returned from your week off!?

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  6. This so reminds me of Smita Patil!

  7. you look amazingly beautiful, please make a makeup tutorial on this look <3


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