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Ladurée for Macaron Lovers!

Laduree 1

I have never been a macaron lover, however on our way to Arc du Triomphe we saw the famous Ladurée and decided to make a stop. There was a long que to grab a few on-the-go macarons. On any other occasion my husband would refuse to stand but since we were on a no-agenda vacation he indulged me a little bit. Thankfully, the que moved along fast. 

Laduree 9

The selection was limitless, which is good and bad, both. Good because it makes you feel you are in candy-land and bad because it making a decision is that much hared Finally we settled on a couple of macarons and a pastry (for the husband).

Laduree 6

The ambience at Ladurée is perfect. So chic. So Parisian. Had the weather not been as wonderful as it was we would have definitely stayed back longer. But you know the rule in Europe, when the sun is out, you stay out, 'coz it could rain on your parade any minute. 

Laduree 10

We took our pretty green Ladurée bag and stopped by as a nearby bench and devoured the macarons and the pastry. We always share. All in all it was a perfect afternoon in Paris. 

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  1. I confess: I actually hate the taste of macarons. But I think they are super adorable. I love the way they look. On the other hand, I could eat a macaroon every day of the week!

  2. Now I am craving macaroons! I've never been to the one in Brussels but I am love going into the one in Brussels. So beautiful!
    Dining Traveler


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