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Three Ways Thursday - Black Pouffer Jacket

13_Three Ways To Style A Black Poufer Jacket
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My most favorite piece of clothing in winter is the winter jacket/coat. That's what you actually see for the most part when you get dressed and head out. I have not been splurging on much  for the last couple of years but ever since we moved to the north east I sure have been stocking up on jackets/coats. This is a rather light late fall/early winter jacket that I bought back in Texas. It was love at first sight. My Mom was visiting me at the time and she gifted it to me since I loved it so much. I have been worn it a million time since then. There's the above there and then there's more here here. Are you a winter jacket/coat lover too?



  1. I saw the coat on your Instagram and loved it there. That third option with the shorts is so perfect! Hope you're enjoying your travels. :)
    xoxo, erin |

  2. Such great options!! The first would definitely be more my style, but all are awesome!

  3. Oh I love all three looks. I’ll have to get that jacket

  4. Such cute style and I love all the colors!

  5. When I lived in New England the puffy jacket was my winter savior--but it never looked this cute! If I ever return, I will check it out.


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