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Perception Is Everything

I am realizing that perception is everything. Not from my point of view, but from what other's view me and/or my life as. Whenever I hear people talk about myself, my work or my personality, I can distinctly differentiate between what is the truth and that is their perception. Good or bad is irrelevant here. 

Lately, I do not try to change their perception though. If it is true, then I feel, "Good, I am keeping it real!" and if it is bad then I think, "I am not responsible for how their brain interprets." From where I stand, it is none of my business either ways. It is pure entertainment, if anything. 

But what it definitely is, is a reality check about how myself. It is like data which I can choose to analyze if the source is reliable.

Moving on to the outfit ... these pictures were taken in Toronto, Canada a few weeks back. The fall was in full spring (!) and the cold was brutal. (Follow along my travels on Instagram) I had taken my new favorite bag from Lidia May, on the trip for the first time. I have had it with me on all my travels ever since. This is a brain child of an American Designer - May Yang. She designs for women of curiosity, compassion and self-assured playfulness. I think I fit the bill, and so would most of my regular readers. ;) 

Toronto 6 Toronto 2 Toronto 5 Toronto 8 Toronto 10
Sweatshirt - GAP // Similar 
Jeans - Rag & Bone // Better
Coat - Better
Bag - c/o Lidia May
Necklace - From India
Shoes - Roxy // Similar



  1. I think people will always see us the way they want to, there's no changing it! I love this look and I'll be in Toronto in a few weeks! Yay!

  2. I understand. More than most people, I share your experience of having others misperceive me. Cute bag!

  3. yup. if they want to see things the certain way, you cant do much. its all about the perception!


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