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All My Essentials - Travel Edition

This Tuesday, I wanted to share with you how I pack everything and what all I pack. These are things I carry no matter the duration of the trip. These are my absolute essentials. My organizational OCD definitely extends to my packing as well. I pack them all separately by category, in travel pouches (like). 
Travel Essentials Hair
1. Hair-related products - I would like to believe I am low maintenance in hair products. I have basic four hair styles. I just carry a few basic necessary items to achieve them.  
Travel Essentials Makeup
2. Make-up Products - Believe it or not this is ALL the make up I possess (except that I am a lipstick hoarder). The brands might change with time and knowledge but the number of products is the same. 
Travel Essentials Summer Dressing
3. Clothing - This is my trick to pack light. Jeans with a lot of basic solid t-shirts. For a beach destination, I carry a lot of light dresses and maxis. If it's fall/winter I add scarves to the mix. My goal is to make sure I am able to create maximum outfits with as few pieces as possible. You can checkout my previous packing related posts here.  
Travel Essentials Tech
4. Electronics - For non-bloggers this might not be as important but as a blogger, the number of gadgets and electronics a travel blogger has to carry it a little bit insane. Here's an overview - Camera, lenses, battery charger, extra battery, SD Card, phone, phone charger, extra battery, headphones, iPad, and more. 
Travel Essentials Toiletries
5. Toiletries - While all good hotels have bare minimum but I still carry a travel-size everything because I have had experiences where I didn't like products. Also, I feel more secure to have all my essentials with me for at least first couple of days. Then need be I can buy locally. 


  1. A very useful list Tanvi. All essentials and yet the size and quantity perfect for a light travel. My list also includes a book (always) no matter where I go and a swiss knife.

    1. Oh, yes! I too always carry a book (or two) with me. I used to carry a swiss knife, until one day they took it during airport security. I mostly travels with hand-luggage only and some countries don't allow any sharp objects on the plane. Le sigh!

  2. Your photography skill is cool.

  3. I love this...especially the gadgets. I am completely lost without all of my chargers and my power bank. When I went to Toronto and stayed at the Royal York, I took all of the Le Labo products! They smell heavenly!!

  4. I like to carry a pair of jeans and then a bevy of tops to switch up the looks as well.

  5. Love that big sexy hair hairspray! I always travel with a mini bottle!


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