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Paris On Foot

It has been a month since we have been back from Paris but I most definitely left my heart there. This was a trip where we did nothing except wander the streets of Paris. Stopped to admire the architecture, grabbed a bite to eat, did people watching at cafes, made a dent in my savings (aka shopped!), and then wandered a little more. One of the best parts of scrolling the streets was observing the chic-effortless fashion sense of Parisians. Messy hair buns, open un-kept (yet chic) hair, minimal makeup with a swoosh of lip stain - sigh! stuff of my sartorial dreams. More about Paris in #TravelTuesday posts soon. 

Every few months, it is a good idea to lose yourself in a new city without an agenda or lie at the beach and read a book! 
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Tee - TJ Maxx // Similar
Layer - Free People // Similar
Jeans - GAP // Same
Shoes - Adidas // Same
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban // Same
Cap - Urban Outfitters // Same
Bag - c/o Lo & Sons 



  1. Those adidas sneakers are so amazing also love the bag that you are flaunting

  2. Oh, indeed! And the fashion in Paris is always so effortlessly chic! My Tulum trip was basically just that -- no real agenda, which is super easy to pull off in Tulum. You must go!

  3. im so looking forward to my trip in 2017!!!!!

  4. This post tugs at my heart. I miss living in Paris, the city definitely has my heart.

  5. i miss Paris so much. I'm currently all snuggled up in a cashmere sweater I bought in Montmartre.


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