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Reach A Mind-Body Balance with Nature Made®

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Lately life has been all about finding balance. And the definition of balance changes every few months depending on travel, work and social life. At first I used to get stressed whenever my routine went for a toss, but with time I have learnt to adapt faster than before. I realized as long as my fundamentals about healthy lifestyle are clear I would be able to find balance with every change in life. Below are few ways in which I maintain my mind and body healthy and sane:  
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1. Read 
I realized sometime last year that I was missing my "reading time" and I made my serious changes to my mental state and lifestyle to ensure that I make time to read as often as I can (here's how)
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 2. Meditate
This year I also started meditating. It has not been regular but I try and make time for it especially when I am stressed out or feel my mind is not able to focus. Just taking a few minutes to close my eyes and try to clear my head makes a lot of difference. 
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3. Eat clean
Currently, my only vice is sugar. I eat a wholesome breakfast. I am a vegetarian so all I eat IS green and colorful food. I also have been reaching out for apples instead of muffins for snack time. Now only, if I could let go for chocolates and desserts, I would be (almost) perfect. 
4. Workout
Asking me to workout is my equivalent of when people go out to party. My answer is always, 'Yes!'. My workouts are intense. My motivation is my overall healthy mind and body. My commitment is 100%. If I didn't workout, I am pretty certain my productivity during the day would drop by 75%. 
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5. Take vitamins, supplements, and probiotics 
Now since I am a vegetarian and I workout, I ensure that I intake all the vitamins that the body requires. I take Multi Vitamin (for women) for over all health, Biotin for hair and nails, D3-400 for bones, teeth, muscle and immune health, and Fish Oil for a healthy heart. And when I am traveling and have a red eye or a long flight, I also take Melatonin which helps support sleep

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