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How To Be Better Organized

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Over the span of this blog's existence I have been asked "how do you stay so organized" at least once per day on average. It is something that has been ingrained in me since childhood, which then became second nature. As I grew up I found more resources and better tools to help me get better in organization. 

Here's what I have learnt: 

1. Have a designated place for everything. The space you assign to different things should decided on the basis of accessibility, logic and space. You want to make sure you are able to find things quickly and without having to move anything else around. "Organized" looks different for different people and different things. Be your own judge and do it for your own needs. 

2. Put things back. Once you have assigned a space for keys, bills, gadgets, make sure to use it. Put everything in its place immediately after using them, or coming back home, don't leave them on the bed, by the night stand or in the kitchen. That defeats the purpose. 

3. Use organization boxes and trays. They are useful for organizing area which have several small and miscellaneous items. For example, medicine cabinet (see the video below), stationary, bills and receipts.   

4. Use calendars, planners and apps. I had mentioned earlier this year, how I plan my blog schedule and stick to it (see the video below). In real life as well, I use lists to keep track to daily to chores, hourly planner to make sure I get everything done and make it to my appointments on time, and google calendar to manage my social life and professional lives. The app, help me sync it with my husband so that we are not over-booking ourselves. 

5. Last but not the least - commit. Stick to the plan. The only way to ensure your organization has a long term success is to make sure you follow through. Tweak your system with your changing needs but never let it break down.

Disciple is the only reason why I am able to stay organized. Hope you found this helpful. Let me know if I am missing something, or if you have any tips for me which could help me get better organized. 


  1. I keep a detailed planner that I physically write in to keep me organized. Organization is key for me to function. Chaos makes me nervous.

  2. Hi Tanvi, I love these tips! I need to commit to my plan & not get side-tracked. I also need to use timers to keep me accountable to complete a task in x # of minutes!
    ~Jessica |

  3. LOVE these tips, girly! All are spot on, especially the last point about committing!

  4. I was literally just talking about this to a friend this morning. Life and tasks get me so overwhelmed at times and feel like a yoyo trying to do things. Thanks for the tips!

  5. so many great tips! I always like to organize this time of year!

  6. I just finished organizing my desk area, and love how it is. The to do list pad you have is so cute. These are great tips!

  7. These are great tips! The organization boxes are key in any office!


  8. These are all such great tips! Organization is such an important thing and I can't live with out my planner!


  9. I’m OCD about organization lol, it drives my husband crazy!! These are all such great tips!

    xx Mollie

  10. I need to pin this! I am the worst at organization!

    xx Leah /

  11. Okay, can I just state the fact that the first video of you organizing that medicine box was so satisfying to watch? I love being organized and finding spaces for everything, and it was like the most fascinating and soothing thing to see how you fit everything in there so perfectly haha! Also, I love your responses to the questions you receive about organization and discipline. It can be a lot to learn, but cultivating it can be a wonderful process!

  12. Whoa is this great! Love my Erin Condren planner!

  13. I have a planner I write EVERYTHING in to keep organized. It is my work bible and I absolutely love it! I also keep most meetings and conference calls on my ical so I'll receive reminders. I am so OCD so the more organization, the better!

    xo Laura Leigh

  14. These are such great tips! Being organized is the key to success!


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