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SkyRoam - A Must Have Travel Gadget

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While traveling, up until recently, it was either I had to snoop around looking for "free" wifi connection around the city, wait till we got back to the hotel or pay a hefty network roaming charges in order to use data internationally. I had been on a look for an affordable as well as reliable wifi hotspot which I could use worldwide without having to recharge and reconnect over and over again. I was excited to find Skyroam. You can use it worldwide, connect up to five devices, for a flat fee per 24 hours.

I am always skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true but after reading the reviews, I was convinced to at least give it a try. As you know, we recently got back from Iceland (and Paris!) and I since I had already done my research and workout the itinerary, I knew it would be difficult to find wifi in Iceland, let alone free wifi. We needed internet for directions, food stops, gas, etc. So, I figured this was the right time to try Skyroam.

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I was pleasantly surprised to have steady wifi connection even in the remote-isolated areas of Iceland. It worked great for navigation purposes. My over all experience with Skyroam was good. The only issue I had was with its battery life. It didn't last more than 4 to 5 hours, but since we were on a road trip, we were able to charge it frequently, but while I was in Paris (on foot) I had to carry a back-up charging pack. Nonetheless, I would rather pay a flat-rate to use this hotspot than pay the exorbitant fee than network's international data charges. 

So here's the bottom line, you can either buy the unit to own for $124.99, which currently is on a promotion for $99.99 with 3 days of unlimited usage, or you can rent a unit for $9.95 per day. If you travel frequently, owning a unit would make more sense but if you take one international trip a year, renting might be the way to go. You can get a visual feel for the device and how it operates in the video below: Hit Play!

This post is in collaboration with Skyroam.
All opinions mentioned are my own. 

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