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Five Reasons To Visit Scandinavia

Copenhagen 20
Nyhavns | Copenhagen, Sweden
Last year we traveled to three Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Recently, we visited Iceland, and now the only one left is Finland. I digress. In spite of having traveled across Europe many times, I was spell bound by the beauty of these countries. They are very european in their ways but still different. A little exotic, organized and extremely warm and friendly. Here are few of my reasons why you too should travel to them next. 

1. Natural Beauty Everywhere

Scandinavia has a scenic landscape and has been blessed by Mother Nature in its varied topography and natural phenomenon. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), the Midnight Sun and the Polar Nights to name a few. We were lucky to have seen two out the three. 

2. Buzzing City Life

If nature doesn't attract you (... how is that possible?!) then you have option of so many cultural and interesting cities to pick from - 
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stockholm, Sweden

Oslo, Norway
Reykjavik, Iceland

All the above cities (and country's capitals) have culture, history, nightlife, along with metropolitan atmosphere and diverse mind set to offer to all their visitors. 

Stockholm 16
Drottningholm Slott | Stockholm, Sweden
3. Great Attractions

Scandinavia is filled with picturesque locations for all interests - museums, castles, shopping, amusement parks, and more. We spend first half of day exploring some of the attractions and second half of the day strolling streets and discovering local neighborhood and alleys. 

Oslo 18
Oslo, Norway
4. No language barrier

Unlike most european cities (especially the small towns and area), everyone in Scandinavia speaks English! Just like India all Scandinavian children learn English in school. Hence, traveling here is convenient and easy. 

Bergen 5
Bergen, Norway
5. Excellent public transportation

All Scandinavian countries are either connected to each other my road or railways. The distances are close and can be covered within a few hours (or maximum a day). In Norway, we took the train from Bergen to Oslo and were amazed at how a few of hours we were in a buzzing city from the scenic country side. 

The public transportation in all the cities was excellent (except we didn't use any in Iceland). All of the airports were connected to the city center by train. All in all, several modes of transportation were available from train, car, bus and even bikes. 

Have I convinced you visit Scandinavia? 

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  1. I'm so happy to see this. Scandinavia appeals to me not only as a vacation-destination but because its societies and governments are better in many ways than ours (Denmark in particular). I certainly want to visit and your helpful post is encouraging me in that direction.

  2. i cant get over how pretty these places are!

  3. I have friends from Norway so I really need to travel there soon! Honestly, it's like everyone speaks English. I believe they have to learn it in school in Holland as well. We should be better about making U.S. children learn a language in school. Instead of just two years, we should make it so that they get proficient.

  4. I loved travelling through Scandinavia as a solo female traveller. Even though I found it expensive (especially Sweden... still have yet to visit Norway because of prices) I felt SO safe. Plus the buildings, nature, and history are amazing.

  5. I've heard Scandinavia is a fairly expensive part of Europe, but I guess in all honesty that doesn't deter me from visiting! Everything looks so beautiful. It's great to know that English is so common and that the public transportation is easy to use!

  6. I am in love with Scandinavia! I have visited almost all the Scandinavian countries and I fell in love with Norway. The scenery there is simply breathtaking!

  7. I very much want to travel to Norway, but all of these countries are just so beautiful.


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