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AirBnb Vs Hotel : Which is better?

AirBnb Paris 11

Being from the hospitality industry, I would like to start with saying I love hotels. I love luxury. I appreciate good service. I revel in opulence. Having said that, I have come to realize there is time and place for luxury and practicality. Over the last  years, I have stayed in a number of hotels and do not regret that, however on a few occasions I chose Airbnb and would like to state my argument in the favor of both. 

1. Consistency
There is a certain familiarity in staying at a hotel. You know exactly what to expect in terms of cleanliness, room size, service and quality. There are seldom any (big) surprises, no matter what your geographic location. Each Airbnb is a unique experience. If you choose the later, you are choosing local experience over cookie-cutter format.

2. Safety
While most rentals ensure safety measures but with recent incidents (re: Kim K) you can never take enough caution. Most hotels, on the other hand, have security team, on-site surveillance, and connections with local law enforcement to help keep you safe.

3. Amenities
Amenities vary from hotel to hotel, and also Airbnb to Airbnb. Typically hotels include housekeeping, WiFi, pools and fitness centers, restaurants and room service, laundry service and in-room toiletries. Airbnb on the other hand definitely means the luxury of space, on site laundry, kitchen.  

4. Meals
While the kitchen in an Airbnb can be an amenity, however if you are looking for food on demand, Airbnb might not be for you. Hotels, often offer complimentary breakfast, room service and dining, which can make life easier when on the go.

5. Location
Hotels are mostly in the city center or around the popular tourist spots, where all the action takes place, while 74% of Airbnb properties are outside of the main hotel districts, often in local neighborhoods far from the busy hustle-bustle of the city. This is a personal preference. 

6. Reliability
Last but not the least, Airbnb is a relatively unreliable option. The hosts have the right to cancel anytime, while hotels will find a way to accommodate every reservation, either via an upgrade or by making an alternative reservation. 

Below are the pictures from the Airbnb we had rented in Paris. It was quintessential Parisian living in the buzzing area of Le Marais. 

 AirBnb Paris 13  AirBnb Paris 6 AirBnb Paris 8 AirBnb Paris 9
AirBnb Paris 2
AirBnb Paris 14

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  1. Love your book title. I like Airbnb for the better value, extra space, and amenities. I love being able to do laundry every 3-4 days so that I can pack light and bring only carryon bags.

  2. Your Airbnb in Paris looks very similar to my Airbnb rental in Tahoe. I think if you're looking for a unique place or experience that Airbnb is the way to go. If you're looking for amenities (spa, gym, room service, etc) then you gotta go with a hotel. I also go back and forth between the two.

  3. Im like you and LOVE hotels, purely for the luxury. I stayed in my first Air BNB last summer and it was a really good expereince, so I think it definitely depends on the type of trip and where you are. Your Paris Air BNB looks lovely, true authentic parisian living!

  4. I agree - I usually try to stay at Airbnb's but that's because I spent a majority of my younger years couchsurfing across the globe so I enjoy the homey feel of an airbnb. But over the years I've noticed that the quality of those places is quite inconsistent and sometimes it's nice to have a hotel! That's what I'm doing for my upcoming trip to Dubai - I figured why mess with it if I want to go out and eat anyway? Might as well just pay for a room - it ends up being about the same.

  5. Love your Paris AirBnB ... they're usually one of my first options I check when I'm going to a new destination. I like the quirkiness of these places. There's also a middle ground. I've stayed in lots of Boutique hotels around the world. They don't have all the amenities of a big hotel, and usually don't have restaurants and bars, but they have the quirkiness that AirBnB places offer. When I stay somewhere - I look for something a little funky. @rovingjay

  6. We usually travel low key so, we don't even go for luxury in hotels. Luckily we've never had any problems with our AirBnB although we'v heard so many difficult situations experience by travelers. Nonetheless there are plenty of "how to AirBnB like a pro" or similar in the web to keep your self safe and in a good mood during your trip. Thanks for sharing

  7. Interesting read! I think it all depends on what the person is most interested in when it comes to lodging. I generally like more unique accommodations, and Airbnb is the way to go for that. But, every once in awhile, I just want easy accommodations, so then I go with a hotel.

  8. I agree that both have their pros and cons. I tend to go for Airbnb when there is a lot of options (big tourist area) and go for hotel in quieter towns or locations. (Really I probably go for whatever is cheaper ha) but I think I prefer Airbnbs, I feel like I can never fully relax in a hotel. Maybe tha's just me though.

  9. Being a hotelier I always choose to stay with hotels that is also because I get the luxury at a price of air bnb. Your reflection on most of the aspects is bang on and is important to know these before making a choice. I am yet to experience air bnb. Location and trip persona plays a great role in making a choice

  10. Such a great read! 90% of the time I opt for Airbnb over hotels, and have always had good experiences. Ps: Your photos are lovely too!

  11. Personally, I am a huge fan of Airbnb. I love the local experience as well as the unique homes or accommodations. You are right, Airbnb's are inconsistent, but if you look carefully, you can find some your Paris apartment :)

  12. I often stay in hotels and airbnbs in the same trip because I like to balance things out. It depends on how expensive one is vs the other! Usually can't beat the amenities in a hotel though


  13. Thank God, I have someone who has more weightage on hotels than air bnb. We stayed for the first time in July in an air bnb, and the point # 2 you mentioned is something i totally understand - also i see no difference between guests and hosts when it comes air bnb :) i would choose hotels, anyday. (also sorry for spamming your blogs - just browsing through them all)


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