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Into The Glacier - Experience of A Lifetime

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We landed in Iceland at midnight, picked up our rental car from SAD cars and headed straight to our bed and breakfast (which we had intentionally picked close to the airport due to the late arrival time). 

Next day we started our Icelandic adventure with a bang. We drove into the city (more about that later), took a helicopter tour of the National park (again more about it later) and then made our way "Into The Glacier" - Literally! 

Langjokull (Long Glacier) is the world's largest man-made ice cave located in the western part of Iceland's - 1,260 meters above sea level. The ice cave stretches deep underground, consisting of tunnels and caves that stretch 500 meters into solid glacial ice. 

We spent the second half of the day on this tour. You arrive at the meeting point where you board the monster trucks which then take you to the glacier. The trucks are ex-cruise-missile-launcher, bought from NATO and re-designed to traverse the soft, sloping snow and rocky ice of the glacier. They have two of these trucks and soon adding more to their fleet (or so we were told). The trucks are equipped with GPS since there are no physical roads to the glacier and also have wifi available for people like me who "need" to share their travels.

Once you arrive at the mouth of the cave, that is when the experience of the lifetime begins.  The tunnel into the glacier itself is quite stunning. I wish I had stopped for a moment and taken more pictures there. The tour guide assists you with 'metal links' which you wear with your shoes to help you maintain balance on the ice. You will be amazed at how you are walking ON and IN the
glacier at the same time. With exquisite lighting, caves built to hold wedding, and places to relax the whole experience is absolutely unbelievable.   

Hit play to view it all with your own eyes!

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  1. Definitely something I've wanted to experience so I'm glad you could share this video with us. I'd be so cold, though! I'm also interested in those ice hotels and restaurants.

  2. This whole experience looks enchanting! And you somehow managed to make a huge parka look chic!

  3. I have never been to Iceland but really want too! This looks incredible.


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