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Three Ways Thursday - Brown Knee-High Boots

12_Three Ways To Style A Brown Knee High Boots
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Boots are probably one of the top reasons why I get excited about fall/winter. They just elevate the outfit, effortlessly. As over the years, I have purged my closet, and added investment pieces, I have realized I have one style mantra for summer (colors!) and another for winter (neutrals). And brown is one of my favorite neutral. In fact I have worn this color most since childhood. My mom never understood my obsession with this color. 

Getting back to the boots, I scored them last year at Nordstrom Rack and wore them to no end all season. While I don't own that dress (1) or that skirt+sweater combo (2), or even those shorts (3), the boots will be going strong for a few seasons if I am lucky. Looking forward to adding another pair in the coming months. 



  1. Brown boots are my fall staple!The weather has been so erratic! Hope we get to proper boot weather soon!
    The Dining Traveler

  2. I love the second outfit!


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