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Pieces of My Heart

One common question asked from any travel blogger is, "What is your favorite city?" I believe I leave a piece of my heart in every city I visit. It is so difficult to pick a favorite. Every place I go, I visit it with a curious mind and an open mind. So far there hasn't been a city that I didn't like. 

My favorite city is London, partly because I am an eternal me melancholic but mostly because it is special. New York gives me oxygen. But Paris my friends, is magical. If I had to pick a city where I would like to go back and wander aimlessly and still stumble upon culture, history, museums and charming neighborhoods it would definitely be Paris. I have so much ground to cover on this earth, but I am adding Paris to the list - "must go back again soon!". 

... for now I exist with small pieces of my heart floating around this whole world. 
Blanket Scarf Tanvii.com 3   Blanket Scarf Tanvii.com 10
Blanket Scarf Tanvii.com 9
Blanket Scarf Tanvii.com 6
Blanket Scarf Tanvii.com 8
Blanket Scarf Tanvii.com 5
Blanket Scarf Tanvii.com 7
Blanket Scarf Tanvii.com 1
Shirt - Gap // Similar
Pants - Nordstrom // Similar
Hat - Similar
Shoes - Bjorn // Better
Scarf - Zara // Similar
Bag - c/o Lo & Sons



  1. I'm not sure I have a favorite city either, although I really do like Brussels and Cape Town. But I will say that Paris is most certainly one of the most beautiful places, ever.


  2. Love the outfit...bt the scarf is such a babe.


  3. sooo for my 3-0 birthday, i want to visit either London Or Paris. Now I am torn.

  4. Visiting ur blog after a while, U looking extremely pretty <3
    Love ur look !

    Me n My Florals




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