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Top 10 Reasons People Unfollow Your Instagram Account

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The whole blogging world currently is relying on Instagram to feed their blog traffic, increase their monthly income, make them more influential in their field. If I had a penny for each discussion I hear/see daily regarding Instagram engagement and algorithm I would be a millionaire a matter of few months. It has gotten batshit crazy. So the other day while sitting in the plane on my way back from Paris, I made a list of various reasons why someone might unfollow you. Read on, take a sigh of relief, as it is not always you. It is sometimes them :)  

10. Your quality is kinda-mehh. Try and post pictures which are bright and in-focus. You don't have to bust out your DSLR for every shot but dark-blurry-shots are going to make people unfollow you.

9. You post too many pictures. You have just got back from a vacation and you have all these fantastic pictures and you are eager to share so you upload them all at once. However, to your audience it might be annoying. People enjoy variety and if they see too many pictures from the same account they would hit unfollow. Spread them out for maximum impact and engagement.

8. Spambots. Instagram cleans out these accounts and profiles regularly so if you witness a sudden drop in your followers overnight, it just might be why.

7. Zero engagement. If you have thousands of followers, I get it, you can't reply and engage with all of them. But it would be a good practice to interact every now and then and try and answer any/all valid questions.

6. You post sporadically. You know what? That's how Instagram started - sharing the moment 'instantly'. However, not any more. People are hungry for new content and they expect it regularly. If you don't post regularly, or for long periods of time, they would unfollow.

5. Follow-to-unfollow. I do not know why, but apparently it is quite common for a lot of people to follow a bunch of accounts in the hopes that some will follow back and then soon after they go back and unfollow them all. It is a 'thing'!

4. Your feed is not synchronized.
If you have a travel account with beautiful scenery and architecture and then out of the blue you post a flatlay with beauty products people are more likely to hit unfollow. Stick to the theme you started off with.

3. Loop Giveaways. If you participated in a loop giveaway or any giveaway for that matter, people unfollow once it is over and they realize they didn't win. That's just part of the deal.

2. Follower Count. People sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of accounts they follow, and not being able to keep up with their feed. Or other times they anal about the number for no apparent reason. Often they’ll do a 'spring/fall cleaning' of sorts. Nine out of ten times it might not even be personal or about your content, and there is nothing you can do about it!

1. Personal Opinions. It could be your political opinion, or that you are not a vegan, or that you wear fur, or anything at all that people have polarized views about. People like to engage with content that reflects their lifestyle (a little bit) so if you do not fall in that spectrum they will unfollow you.

Also, why we are on the topic of "unfollowing" below are my thoughts on why it is a GOOD thing that someone unfollowed you.

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  1. Hey, great post! I never thought too much about this, I just thought many people follow-to-un-follow... but I guess it could be me...! Going to think about your 10 points & work on my Insta strategy, thanks

  2. Nice post! I believe letting your account grow organically is healthy for your sanity and for the account! Who has the time to keep track of the unfollows! Having said that - I do hate it when people follow to unfollow!

  3. Awesome post! I definitely agree with all of these points


  4. These are such good tips and so relevant. Thank you for sharing!!


  5. These are definitely great tips! & I think the one that hits me most is that my feed isn't necessarily "synchronized" because I do a lot of everything! I travel, write about beauty, share my outfits, share tucson photos, etc! But given that my bio does say lifestyle, I feel that's ok. Oh well! xx


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