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The Sorry Folks I Come Across

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I have realized while I am a relatively flexible person, I do like to follow some norms of social behavior. For instance - It does not bother me if some one cancels or changes the plans, as long as they inform me within a reasonable period of time. It does not bother me if someone breaks something (in my home), as long as they show some remorse towards it. It doesn't bother me if I have to accommodate someone's needs/wants or even whims and fancies (for a short duration of time) as long as they do acknowledge the gesture. 

There are essentially two kinds of actions, one which you do because you want to and then you do not expect anything in return. Another is when you do something as a favor (or to be polite, or to accommodate) and that is when a little gratefulness (or in the least a Thank you!) would be nice. 

In my experience basic manners and courtesy are disappearing from our ecosystem. Things like, "Sorry - Thank You - Excuse me" which were probably taught in kindergarten, are nowhere to be found today. 

Nowadays when I am on the street and someone says "Sorry!" after accidentally bumping into, I practically want to hug them. Just to acknowledge them as a fellow being from a lost era. Now when someone comes over and send me a note later, thanking me for the lovely stay, or a meal, I am almost teary eyed. That's how rare and far-apart kind gestures and good mannered people I come across. Now it could totally be "just me" and the sorry folks that cross my path. Or it could be the (Trump following) society. I guess the time will tell. #RantOver. 

In the mean time below are the two videos which can help you become a better host and a guest: 

You can watch this incase you are about to be a house guest at someone's place

You can watch this incase you are about to host someone at your place

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  1. I hope it's not because of my age but I agree with you strongly. Good manners and politeness show not only proper upbringing but also concern and sensitivity to others. When people display that to us, we appreciate it.

  2. I do appreciate those who apologize for bumping into you on the street. It's amazing how many people simply don't care. I think we've talked about how manners are a bit cultural in the past. Right? Some places don't use common courtesies, commonly.

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Manners and social graces are lost on so many people. I wish everyone would read your post!

    Beth ||

  4. Oh my God...this is Exactly what I feel Tanvi! I am an over polite person (if that's a word) and lot of time feel like people take me for granted due to it. But then I can't help it, today only I was at the grocery store and the Lady in front of me at the check out line was so rude to the sweet cashier who WS probably just a high schooler. Pissed me off big time!


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