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How To Snack Healthy While Traveling

One of my least favorite things about traveling is the lack of health options while I am on-the-go. Not every country has enough variety, and sometimes if they do the prices are exorbitant. Hence, I have learnt to carry my own snacks. It does take up a little bit of my luggage space (since I travel light) but I'd rather carry my snack than that extra pair of shoes. (Yeah! my priorities have changed!). 

On my recent trip to Iceland (travel details coming soon!) I carried a few of my favorite snack items. My research showed that the food options might be limited and while on a road-trip the stops might be far apart. Hence, a good opportunity for my to share what all I carried: 

1. Protein Bars - They keep you full for longer. They give my some source of protein daily (as I am a vegetarian). And I like the Brownie Crunch from thinkTHIN Bars, as they almost taste like a a bar of Mars chocolate to me. 

2. Dark Chocolate & Coconut Bites - Right before my trip, I was introduced to the - The GFB - food products, and the taste of one bite and I knew I had to bring them along. They were my dessert option post meal on the road trip. 

3. Salted Almond - I love me some almonds. When the salt-craving strikes I need something immediately and if nothing healthy is handy, I am going to head right to the potato chips. Although that's not an issue while traveling, as they are never handy, but having almonds in stock has always worked for me. A fistful, nips the craving in the butt and keeps me full too. 

4. Snack Squares - Another recent find have been these delicious Almond & Peanut and Dark Chocolate bite-size squares from goodnessknows. I wasn't sure I would like them as I am always vary of new food products, but I was pleasantly surprised at how flavorsome and crunchy they were. They have definitely found a permanent spot on my must-have snack list, travel or not!

5. Fruits - Now writing about fruits after all the above mentioned goodness sounds pretty drab, but I do pack a box of sliced apples, and a bunch of grapes for airplane/roadtrip. They are perishable so they won't last long but I am always glad to munch on them en-route to my destination. 

Do you carry snacks while traveling?
Got any suggestions for me to try?


  1. I tried a ThinkThin bar once and really hated it. But those snack squares look really yummy. I also like Zone Perfect bars for snacking.

    1. Really?!? I love thinkThin bars. Help me curb my chocolate cravings :D I guess we all have different taste palettes.

  2. I usually keep some Kind Bars and bananas with peanut butter when traveling. I hate the idea of eating fastfood at some airport.

  3. I usually carry some nuts with me. Sandwiches in most airports are unhealthy (and tasteless and expensive).

  4. Dried fruit, nuts, and fresh fruit.


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