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Is My Personality Exceptionally Magnetic?

... I am pretty sure that it is not with just me, but I will still put it out there to see if any of you encounter something like this as well or not. 

Have you been at the cinemas when it is practically empty and the person has the choice of picking any row and seat but for some reason they feel compelled to come and sit right next to you? Or at the gym, where there are at least 10 treadmills standing still but the person (this is another person, not the same one from the cinemas because that would be stalking) picks the one right next to you. Same thing at the cafeteria, restaurants, public transportation, ... I can go on and on. This has been happening with me for, ever since I can remember and I DO NOT get it. I don't know you. This is not a social gathering. We (luckily) live where we have the luxury of options, and where there is a LOT OF (physical) space available so why stick together like lego blocks? Give me space like I want to give you ...? No? 

So? ... It is just me? Does this happen to anyone else? Or my personality is exceptionally magnetic? 

Moving on to other things ... Fall in D.C. area has been glorious lately. It is cool enough to want to wear layers and warm enough to want to be outside. And since this year I had purged most of my closet, I don't have enough layers. I am really getting attracted to blazer style coats and asymmetrical cardigans. I found few at Also, a girl can never have enough boots, especially over-the-knee ones. What's on your list?

As for this blazer, I had purchased it last month and it has been on a repeat at every chance I get. 
Blazer Phase 11 Blazer Phase 8 Blazer Phase 12 Blazer Phase 13 Blazer Phase 4 Blazer Phase 3 
Blazer - Lucky Brand //Similar
Jeans - Joe's // Same
Bag - Celine // Similar
Sunglasses - Ray Bans // Similar
Shoes - Steve Madden // Similar



  1. I've frequently observed the magnetism you describe, in parking lots and other places. I believe it's due to the widespread fear most people have. They congregate in herds out of fear of being isolated (and psychologically vulnerable).

    1. I agree with the reply ( shybiker) above. It makes a lot of sense. Even I was confused and struggled for an answer before you posted this. Thank you.

  2. Haha.. I am not sure if this has anything to do with magnetism. All the places you mentioned - cinemas, gym, transports are public places and its their free will to be alienated or not. If someone is doing that at a restaurant, then ofcourse, there comes the point of personal space.
    Feels like it's been ages since I commented here. And oh yes! there is a season called fall, right.. love the blazer and shoes.

  3. Really nice detailing on your blazer. I will say that I get people who do that to me, too, mainly at the gym. I hate it, especially since they tend to be the people who have particularly pungent body odor. But maybe you get it so often at so many different places because you have "one of those faces" -- now I'm not saying that you do; but maybe that is what other people think. Maybe your face says "please, come sit next to me. I'm super nice." Even if your mind is like, please sit over there.

  4. Love the outfit..n yes u r exceptionally magnetic!


  5. Look at you! Who wouldn't want to sit next to you? :) You look great!


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