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Eternal Nostalgic

N.B. this is an old excerpt, written god-knows-when. 

I often reminisce about my late teenage years in Dubai and wonder if I can go back and live there. It has only been a few hours in the city and I already know I cannot live in a sexist/classist society. May be the people who live there do not feel that way, but coming back from States and having an instant encounter with people, it all comes rushing back. How people judge you by the bag you are carrying, by the clothes you are wearing, by the color of your skin. Even the service staff who themselves might not be extremely rich or living in luxury, but they treat you and give you service according to your status and how you "appear" to them. I find it fascinating as a bystander and infuriating as someone who is subjected to this behavior. Every society has its issues ... its struggles. I am completely aware that no country is perfect, but I am just glad that I didn't decide to make this my home. Being an eternal nostalgic, I have always missed and fondly remembered all the cities I had lived in (even San Antonio) and feel they contributed to who I am today but I don't know what I learnt from Dubai. May be how not to judge people by their wealth and status!

This is the same skirt I had styled several times here
Black OR White 2 Black OR White 1 Black OR White 4 Black OR White 5 Black OR White 7 Black OR White 8
Top - Banana Republic // Similar
Skirt - FabIndia // Similar
Shoes - Adidas // Same
Hat - Nine West // Better
Bag - Alexander McQueen // Similar



  1. Both your eye makeup and your hair look really awesome in these photos!

  2. This is the reason I would never go back and live in Lagos Nigeria.
    Such a sexist, elitist, classist city too.

  3. true that. i felt the same way there.

  4. I really love this entire post, because the photos are stunning. I assume your husband took them, and he is ON POINT! Your makeup is beautiful + I want those Adidas ;) My boyfriend and I talk about moving somewhere else, not because I miss it, but because I'd love to experience life elsewhere too! xx Adaleta Avdic

  5. Loving the smokey eyes and the pink bag. I have never explored fab India. You have soo many pieces from there. I need to check it out this time around when I visit India.


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