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Travel Tips - Edition Three

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Freshly back from a wonderful yet exhausting trip I have some tips that I recently implemented. They worked for me. Helped me stay efficient with my quest for efficient and light packing.

1. Carry 'old-ish' clothes. Especially the pajamas, underwear, socks and such. Things that tend to smell after wearing and things you wouldn't necessarily want to carry along on a long trip. You can dispose them off as you go along and you wouldn't feel bad as they are old anyways. 

2. Buy GLOV On-The-Go. It is a lightweight and compact make up remover glove which uses micro-fiber technology to remove makeup, cleanse and tone skin with just water, making your travel beauty routine quicker and easier. It lightens the bag and makes packing a breeze.

3. Pack with packing cubes. Previously I have used the vacuum bags for packing for more than 5 days, however, my recent experience with the cubes has been more efficient and easy to reach out and pack by category.

4. Carry multi-purpose beauty products. For the last couple of years, I have been using oils for various body parts. While traveling, I choose one which can be applied everywhere. This is my go-to and it truly smells divine. 

5. Groupon! We all know about using groupons in our own cities, but you might wanna remember to also sign in and check out the deals while traveling. I have received discount-tickets for museums, gotten a deal on local restaurants and learnt about events in the neighborhood. 

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  1. Good tip, especially packing light. I don't think I ever regretted packing light!

  2. using groups for other cities is such a smart idea.


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