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Carry On Luggage Options

Hey married people, do you have your own luggage sets or do you share it with your partner? For a while I had my own set and my husband had his, then somewhere in-between when one of our's started to break down we had a common set. Now recently we got another set (which I wanna call mine!) from Hartmann, but that isn't enough when both of us are traveling together, so we are looking for another (for him!) - 'Coz I ain't sharing! ;) 

Humor aside, what we really need is a second carry-on since we travel light. Below are the few options I have narrowed down but haven't made up my mind. 


I have used Delsey luggage for decades, and just for that reason I am tempted to go for this one. It also has a brake technology which avoids the bag from drifting away. Price: $105.00

This is a mother of all carry-ons. It has a Battery with 2 USB charging ports can charge your devices up to six times over. 3G + GPS tracking lets you locate your suitcase anywhere the world. It also has a built-in scale in the suitcase’s handle that allows you to weigh it through the app. Remote digital lock means you can lock/unlock the suitcase using your phone. What else could you want from a bag, right? Price: $449.00


This is the bag that I currently own, and it is stylish, durable, and spacious enough. Should I go for what I already know or something different and with more features? Price: $299.00


This is an one good looking bag with great reviews. I have always been a fan of TUMI. The only thing stopping me is the price. It is as expensive as bluestmart but without even one of their features. Price: $495.00


This is blogger's favorite luggage brand right now. Everyone is raving about it. AWAY is stylish, durable and has a charging port for multiple devices. Plus it is at an affordable price point. You think this should be the winner? Price: $225

Which one do you recommend? 

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