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Airport Style with Hartmann Luggage

Taking pictures at the airport is starting to become my thing (here + here). It is quite fun though. While there A LOT of people staring and wondering what's going on, it is a good was to document a "true" travel style. Y'know? 

Talking of travel, I am in LOVE with this Hartmann carry-on. It is light-weight, durable and adequately spacious. I was able to fit in a weekend's worth of clothes and shoes without any trouble. I especially like it's smooth rolling wheels. You know how some luggage pieces announce your arrival from five miles away, this is sound proof. The classy contemporary design is just a bonus! If you are in market for a new carry on do check it out here

This outfit was taken at the Tampa Airport. 
Hartmann Luggage 3 Hartmann Luggage 2 Hartmann Luggage 4 Hartmann Luggage 5 Hartmann Luggage 7 Hartmann Luggage 8 Hartmann Luggage 9
Top - Southward Apparel // Similar
Maxi - Target // Similar
Ballet Flats - GAP // Better
Cap - Similar
Carry On - c/o Hartmann Luggage // Same



  1. Love your airpot style! So cozy, yet still chic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There's nothing better then dressing comfy when travelling!

  3. Love the idea of layering a t-shirt over a maxi dress! Looks cute and comfortable.

  4. Hartmann luggage is the best. I'd love to have a full set! Great airport chic look too!

    Beth ||

  5. Nice that you were able to find spots that weren't too crowded. Good airport style. I just invested in hard top luggage and I'm very happy about it!

  6. This luggage looks great! I need to get new luggage, especially since the airline just broke my suitcase!


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