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Fitness Friday - Workout Motivation List


Sometime back I had asked you all to help me make a 'Motivation List' in order for me to find my motivation back. And boy! did we all make a list or what! After reading this anyone who doesn't exercise or overeats, gotta feel a little ashamed of themselves (maybe!) 

This is what I had said...

1. I like how I feel when I exit from the Gym
2. My skin looks a lot better when I workout regularly
3. I like how my clothes fit me when I am in good shape
4. I truly cherish my current tiny waist [which was once as big as whole of ASIA!]
5. I do not like paying medical bills [which accumulate due to poor health]
6. I enjoy the confidence fitness gives me
7. I feel more at peace and in sync with myself when I workout

And this is what you all said ...

8. I can eat whatever I want when I workout regularly [
9. I'm hot. Not just temp wise. Mind, body and soul wise. [Dusk] She is referring to me when she says "I"
10. I have the sexiest shoulders in the blogosphere [Dusk] She is refering to me when she says "I"
11. I'm Fabulous. Fullstop. [Dusk] She is referring to me when she says "I"
12. It is the only form of pain which is a gain [Anita]
13. I do not feel guilty when I indulge in all things SUGAR [Anita]
14. I enjoy getting the compliments which make my heart grin [Anita]
15. I am happy when I exercise, thus far more patient with other too! [Upasna]
16. It is a good [& healthy] time pass [Mom] She is referring to me
17. Need it to stay the 'Fashionista' of the town [Mom] She is referring to me
18. Good to set new challenges for yourself [Mom] She is referring to me
19. Helps me make new friends [Mom] She is referring to me
20. 'Coz I look so badass that I can kick anyone anywhere ...but I am still awesome [L1L2]
21. I feel more energized, fresh & ALIVE [Pookhie]
22. My overall endurance and stamina increases and I sleep well at nights [Poohkie]
23. Helps me have a flatter tummy [Tanya]
24. Working out can also be FUN [Sherin]
25. It is a great "ME" time [Cat]
26. I feel graceful and calm after workout (Yoga) [Geeta Mahesh]
27. I look longer and leaner after workout (Yoga) [Geeta Mahesh]
28. I put my body in better state for long-term [C'n'C]
29. The feeling of accomplishment lasts beyond exiting the gym and resurfaces when I like what I see in the mirror! [C'n'C]
30. I feel so good after exercising that it feels silly not to [March Musings]

And now I have something more to add ...
31. I like when I am able to motivate others
32. I like when I stand in front of the mirror and see muscles forming on my body
33. I like how flexible my body is now
34. I like how my balance has improved due to regular Yoga & Pilates
35. I like when members at the gym mistake me for a Personal Trainer

Do you think it is possible to add something more 
or is this rather an elaborate list already?


  1. Wow. You are so inspiring!! I definitely need to work out more..

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  2. hi tanvi, wonderful reading about your fitness journey and all the motivation tha you and other bloggers have penned down...some of them mirror my own thoughts on fitness!!
    i am a fitness enthusiast , though i have had my down periods, battling with health problems , work and home pressures, though i always try to strike a balance between fitness and other things in is obviously not always perfect...

    and i gives me a sense of bonhomie when i read your blogs about fitness issues....

    btw, there's a tag waiting for you at my blog

  3. What an inspiring post!! I used to do zero exercise but now I make it a point to do some form of physical activity everyday! xoxxooxoxo

  4. Oh Tanvi. You are making me feel so guilty! Almost every day for the past 2 weeks I have been doing some form of exercise every day, and today I decided to sleep in and skip the workout... and now I see this motivational list and I wish I hadn't just taken a shower and washed my hair so I could get on the treadmill!

    Thank you for answering my questions :) I am about to read your other posts as well. This will help me rack up my motivation and use it for full energy in tomorrow's workout ;)


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the post...absolutely brilliant!!!

  6. You definitely have a motivational bunch of readers!
    And thanks for answering those questions: It's good to read something personal.

  7. I really like your post, very inspirational. I don't have a car (I used to, but parking in the city is a hassle, and tuition is expensive and sooo...)...and I've found that being forced to walk made me more energetic and improved my posture and makes me feel better already.

  8. Great post dear and I love seeing everyone's comments together. Your journey is an inspiration and we can of course see the results are uplifting as well.

  9. such wonderful reading! i really respect your persistence, as i am simply lacking in motivation to exercise regularly! i just make some stretching in the morning and that's it!

  10. I realllly need to get back into the swing of exercising, I've fallen off the wagon the last two weeks since I've been exhausted from work.

    I think a lot of the whole size thing, is more to do with being healthy and comfortable with yourself, and it's good that you decided to change your life in this way. You go girl! xx

  11. I like the LIST!!!

    Inspired! :-) Just time for me to mail you at the end of my weekend and say Perspired !! :-p

  12. Oh I need to paste this motivation list onto my front door! I plan to join the gym EVERY month and NEVER do! I used to be so fit before children, but now I don't do anything. Thanks for an inspirational post! x

  13. loved the complete list and inspired is how i feel and you are right major life style changes are required but totally worth it

  14. Yeah, I appreciate this, Tanvi, and I am with you. I think I mentioned that we have been on Atkins for the past 3 months or so and both of us have lost significant body fat. I've always been an exerciser, but sometimes not a good eater. Changing my eating habits have made me feel so much better about myself, and I'm healthier too! XX!

  15. You really are an inspiration, my dear. I love the list, I'm going to study that closely so I've got no excuse for shirking. xxx

  16. i am printing this list. *now
    * you're a STAR :)

  17. Gr8 post.Good tips.
    Festive days in India have b-gun.Difficult to avoide those bullets.

  18. i just went back and read the older fitness posts you wrote. this is EXTREMELY motivating! i fee like right now i am in the place you were originally in london...and i feel SO DISGUSTING! i've gained over 20lbs in the last 3 years and i've tried a million different things with no luck.

    what i HAVENT tried are small goals, as you said. i think that is the best advice! start small, dont set myself up for failure. ive had a gym membership for a year and not gone once. that needs to change!

    so here are my goals for the next week:
    take the dog on longer walks
    reduce portion size
    go to a yoga class

    its not much, but its a start! thank you for sharing your inspiring story!!! really needed to read this. congrats on your success!!!! you look amazing! :D

  19. Wow..I'm in the same stage ..bad eating habits..being lazy..your post is so inspiring..I have to start doing something before it's too late...thanks so much for writing about this..:)

  20. I just love how REAL you are. Sometimes people keep things to themselves for selfish reasons. I feel that what you are saying can help a lot of people jump start their way to getting healthy. They are thinking WOW she is HOT, if she can do it I can do it!!! Excellent you get a 1000% in my book. Well done keep it up.

  21. Seriously inspiring post!! Loved it n u look fab girl.

  22. This was a great post, very inspiring in many ways.

  23. Well...when you put it that way...working out seems like fun! Love all of the inspiration, I am totally bookmarking this post for future reference :) You're the best! xo Cat

  24. Went and read all ur other posts. and wow, you went to the gym for a year even though the scale was not moving!! Hats off to your will power and determination. You are truly time, when the scale doesnt move I will think about u and head back instead of giving up..I also think abt u when I see Julia Roberts - girl, you have started to occupy my life!!!

  25. Such a fabulous post and so inspiring. Definitely headed to the gym after work now :) xoxo

  26. I'll add one:

    "Because I'm worth it! "


  27. wow..tht was so inspirational!! I have been putting off working out for quite some time now..nd your post has truly inspired me to get my butt off nd work out :) thnx..

  28. I love the list! :)

  29. Absolutely, there is nothing more important than Health!!
    I too love to be fit and I feel pretty much the same as you mentioned in all those points..
    Keep training, keep smiling !!

  30. In any case: Well done you, Tanvi, for actively changing when you wanted to and being such a great example for a) tolerance and self-respect and b) the power of self-motivation!

  31. Hey there, thanks for including my 2 cents. I think this is a great post to get people moving. Thanks Tanvi.

  32. Hey there, thanks for including my 2 cents. I think this is a great post to get people moving. Thanks Tanvi.

  33. Hey Tanvi!
    Bumped upon your blog last week and have been going through it. Thanks for inspiring me to work out more [I do my small bit at home :)]
    And I *have* to mention that I louve your clothes and heels! Will keep in mind about wearing gorgeous clothes and heels which in turn will inspire me to do my bit of exercise!
    Keep blogging!

  34. Great post and quite inspiring! Glad you posted this! xx

  35. I love this post for so many reasons... you are a true inspiration with your honesty and strength and humour... I love that you call a spade a spade...

    Tanvi... you would make an AWESOME personal trainer!!!! You have such a kickass stop-feeling-sorry-for-yourself-or-I'll-give-you-something-to-feel-sorry-about attitude!!! You truly do have the gift of motivation. This is not as easy as everyone thinks.

    Believe me... you have a gift... whichever way you choose to use it... you will be awesome, you are awesome... you're inspiring everyone who reads what you say...

  36. Tanvi,

    I am very pleased to see young Indian people like you care about personal fitness in a right way. You deserve special credit for spreading the word about and inspiring other through this blog. We are proud of you.

  37. I love lists and this one is comprehensive so probably don't need to add much more. I love your mom's comments :)
    Have wonderful weekend Tanvi.

  38. you were not lying. that is some list. :) i love the way i feel after i run but during that half an hour it SUCKS!

  39. Very nice list! so motivating! I have been trying work in a regular workout routine for the past few weeks..i have started Zumba classes..they are amazing!!! total fun!

    I admire ur persistence though! You kept going to the gym even though you did not see dramatic results all the time is amazing! Inspiring! :)

  40. what a brilliant post. Can't ever imagine you being overweight, you have the perfect figure. well done!!!!! I just started a no carbs diet- it always works for me. Want to shed the kilo's I put on during my bday month.

  41. what a brilliant post. Can't ever imagine you being overweight, you have the perfect figure. well done!!!!! I just started a no carbs diet- it always works for me. Want to shed the kilo's I put on during my bday month.

  42. Hey tanvii,

    OMG... No body has inspired me more than you.. at times i enter shock and it take stime to get out... i simply love you collection of clothes, your fitness funda and all above the terrific body u have.... things seem impossible to me but whenever i get demotived i refer to your blog and here i go again to acheive what i want.... will definately post my pics one i get in shape which will eb soon... my all frens.. sistas.. are awre that i follow you i wish i could connect with u on FB in personal but still something is better than nothing... great goin girl.. god bless you.. MUWAH

  43. ah after looking at your pictures it makes me want to hit the gym right now at 12am at the night haha

  44. PREACH - so many motivating reasons. I just love the feeling after working out although I could be at the gym way more often.

  45. Wow, I thought this was a stock photo of a model until I realized it's actually YOU! You look great. Fitness is important. A new study found that it even affects our minds.


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