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The Backpack Life

Just recently we were discussing travel totes, however I have to tell you that I might never carry a tote. Okay, may be I exaggerate, but you catch my drift, right? Carrying a backpack was so much more comfortable and kind on my shoulders. Now mind you this is not your average backpack because those can get lumpy. I do not like when things end up at the bottom of a well and you can never get your hands on your stuff. 

I was recently introduced to the Hartmann brand and boy! they make some durable and sturdy backpacks. I liked that this backpack could hold all my stuff and by all I mean - laptop, small vanity pouch, chargers, DSLR camera, two lens, chargers, hardcover book, sunglasses, energy bars and more. That's a lot! I didn't feel any discomfort and my shoulders were not pinching like they do with a tote. 

Anyhoo... moving on to the outfit, we ACTUALLY shot this at IAD airport. This is what I wore on our flight to Tampa, FL. 

Airport Style 6 Airport Style 7 Airport Style 4 Airport Style 2 Airport Style 3 Airport Style 1
Hat - TJ Maxx // Similar
Top - GAP // Similar
Jeans - GAP // Similar
Shoes - Nike // Similar
Watch - Daniel Wellington // Same
Backpack - c/o Hartmann // Same



  1. I love backpacks. They're so useful and convenient. Plus, there are many stylish models, like this one. I have four backpacks that I use for different activities (urban-walking, hiking, motorcycle-riding). BTW, your hat is cute!

  2. Your camera takes some beautiful shots. Making an airport look A+. And, of course, the backpack is quite nice.


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