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Face of Greed


- noun

intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

You know I had not until recently realized how repulsive the face of greed is! I live a relatively isolated life, as I like people only in small doses. I don't get to see the 'real' face of people in that short duration. Greed is something I had only heard or read about. I had never met anyone whom I would describe as greedy. And just in a short span of time I met a few people who I thought were plain greedy and inconsiderate about people around them.  

Discontent doesn't do justice to the behavior that I witnessed. For some reason we (I?) always associate greed with money and/or materialistic things. But now, I saw greed in people for everything. Nothing seemed enough for them. There is nothing wrong in wanting more from life, but to want every.single.thing in every.single.shape.and.size seems like a bit much. It was a good moment to introspect and self-check. 

By self-analysis, I would like to believe I am content and am happy with small things in life. I do not aim to have it all. I only aim to stay organized, disciplined and sane. 

Putting my oldest trick to work, wearing a dress as a blouse. 
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Top (previously worn here) - ASOS // Similar
Jeans - Joe's // Same
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Bag - From Jaipur (India) // Another Option



  1. This is such a gorgeous and perfect look for fall! Love love the dress cum blouse and it seriously looks amazing. <3

    I feel like alot of greed is related to the need for instant gratification. People are always wanting and looking for more because there is obviously something better always. Being content is not fashionable anymore! But in all seriousness, hope we all learn the meaning of balance and being content :)

    Monika | www.palateforstyle.com

  2. I really love the sleeves on this fab top of yours!

    Did you witness this greed in person or on TV? I can't imagine seeing what you described in person. I think it would make me totally lose it. I was born on an island and one day I plan on living on an island and living a super simple life.


  3. Very beautiful look! In particular, I love your accessories! They're stunning! I love accessories as well as jewellery. I've recently seen some awesome gold rings designs on gold24.in/products/gold-rings . I guess, I'll order one for myself soon.


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