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Common Excuses For Not Working Out

Common Excuses For Not Working Out,
One of the frequent request I receive is to do posts on fitness and weight loss. My standard response is to direct them to my fitness page. After reading every single post there, if the person still hasn't found the answer then I am afraid I don't have the answer.  
In last 8 years I have learnt that people want to be fit but they do not want to work for it. Here's the reality check people: Just wanting is not enough. If you are over-weight and you are not willing to do anything about it then there is nothing anyone can do or day to change that. However, the first step is very simple, and doesn't even require a gym - WATCH WHAT YOU EAT! Yup, it is as simple as that.

Below is a list of frequent excuses I get for why people cannot workout. I thought I would answer them once and for all:

1. I don't have time - Stop reading blogs and go workout (I kid!). You have to make time. Wake up an hour early. Reduce your time on the Internet. Squeeze in a workout in your lunch break. Workout every time there is a commercial break while watching television. Where there is a will there is a way.

2. I can't stay hungry - You don't have to. BUT you do have to start eating smaller portions every two hours and count calories for a year or two till you don't learn about your food.

3. I can't live without junk food - I cannot help you there. You have to make a choice. If you can't live without the junk food then make peace with living in a junk-body.

4. I can't wake up early - Then sleep late? Workout after work. Or on your lunch break.

5. I am tired - That's because you don't workout. If you did, you would have more energy, positive thoughts and in turn better body.

6. I don't like gyms - Do you like parks? Mountains? Lakes? Anything? Find a place you like an incorporate that activity as your workout. Running, Skiing, Tennis, Badminton, Dancing ...? There must be something. And if you don't know what you like yet, then try them all and I am sure one would click.

7. I love food a lot, in general - Great. Who doesn't? But you don't have to eat it all in one meal, do you? Why not give #2 a shot and see what it does to your waist line, shall we?

8. I am too old - Seriously, you are not. Meet Fauja Singh and Ernestine Shepherd. If you still think you are old then shame on you!

9. I hate working out alone - Join a group class, a running group, ask a friend to join you ... there are a lot of options.

10. It is boring - That is because you haven't explored all your options. Find something you enjoy. Refer to #7.

11. I have kids - Even more of a good reason to start working out. You want to set a good example for them, don't you? Better yet, workout as a family. You'll thank me later!

12. It hurts my body - If you have never worked out then yes, it would hurt for the first few days. But if you can go past that you would get addicted to that "good" pain. Make sure you stretch before and after your workout to avoid it though.

13. I am too fat - The good part of that statement is that at least you are not in denial. So Rome wasn't built in one day ... it would be a long journey but it would worth it. Don't do it to be thin, do it for a better quality of life.

14. Exercise make me more hungry - Yes! That happens. The best solution to that is have a protein shake right after your workout and have a lot of healthy snacks (apple, peanut butter, fist full of nuts, avocado toast, cup of blueberries, etc.) handy. Munch on them every 2 hours even if you are NOT hungry.

15. I don't know where to start - That's fine. Start with walking for 30 mins. If you have resources hire a personal trainer. If you join a gym, chances are they have a free-orientation-session. Best of all, there is GOOGLE!

16. I am already skinny (thin) - You can be thin without working out, but you cannot be fit without putting in the sweat for it. We'll talk post-40 and see how you feel about your body then.

17. I don't have money for gym or personal trainer - Thank God for Public Parks and Internet. There are a ton of equipment free workouts you can find online. If you are a beginner then start with walking / jogging / skipping. Then move of to do squats, planks, push-ups. None of this requires a gym or any equipment. Not to forget Yoga. You can do it anywhere and anytime.

18. I never see any results - There can be several reasons: You give up too soon? You negate the workout with the calories you put in? You are not consistent with your workout? It is not going to happen over night. On average it takes twice the amount of time to lose weight than it did to put it on. You do the maths.

19. I cannot find motivation - That is hard. You have to dig deep within. You have to want it bad enough. There is no magic pill for motivation. Find what frustrates you the most about your body and focus on how you can change it. If nothing helps, then you are a lost cause. I am sorry, but no one can help someone who doesn't want to help him/herself.
Do you have an excuse that I haven't addressed? Leave in the comments below or Facebook/Tweet it to me and let's see if I can smart-reply it back or not!  


  1. Lots of excuses for sure :) I am with you, I actually love working out! My only excuse is when my knees hurt I have to take a little break (like today, it happens when you turn 40 lol) And you're right, all those excuses have a solution.

  2. So many excuses people throw around... crazy! It's definitely not easy to commit to a fit life but it's SO worth it!

    Naturally Me


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