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Travel Tips - Edition Two

First Tuesday of every month (hopefully) I will share some travel tips with you all. This is also a good opportunity for you to share your travel tips/hacks in the comments. I would love to combine them all and create a post with due credit of course. In the meantime, check out the first edition of the travel tips in case you missed it last month.

Toledo Travel Diary 16
1. Bring a bag that isn’t too big to carry and that doesn’t unbalance your shoulders. The last thing you need is a crater-sized knot in your back. While I am still on a look-out for a stylish yet practical tote, you can check out some of my options here. However, I might be converting to becoming a backpack girl. It just seems so much easier and the weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders. As for a carry-on suitcase, I love the Hartmann luggage.

2. Shoes! They are every woman’s guilty pleasure. Rather than packing more shoes than necessary for the trip, it is better to travel in ones that you can use more than once (e.g. this, or this). If that means you are wearing a pair of heels, just remember to take them off in flight, stretch your toes, put on your circulation socks and relax.

3. As any frequent flyer knows - layering is essential. While, every person is different, but layers are definitely one of the most beneficial stylist tips for all. You can always add on a layer when you are cold or take one off if you get too warm. I always have a shawl or a light cashmere cardigan in my bag while traveling.

4. A great trench is a must during your travels. It goes over a dress or pairs well with jeans. It is extremely versatile. Look at any celebrities' travel look.

5. Wear minimal jewelry when traveling and pack statement pieces. I always have a small travel case with me where I keep my accessories.

6. Invest in headphones. My favorites are Beats by Dr Dre or Bose. They allow you to get in your own headspace and really enjoy your favorite tunes.

7. I always carry a water bottle of course, but also have vitamin boosters, or energy drinks. After a long flight anything that revitalizes is great to have on hand.

8. As shared in my airport hacks, I always carry snacks with me while traveling (or even in regular life). I get hungry every two hours and it is only wise that I have something healthy with me before I reach out for a pack of chips or candy. My snacks of choice - protein bars, lightly salted almonds, popcorn.

9. A quick touch up before landing. Lipstick/gloss, kohl and concealer are all you need. My personal favorites are - Lakme kajal, BareMineral's stroke of light and Elizabeth Arden's matte lipstick barely there. Make sure you have your favorite fragrance in travel size too. (mine is this!)

10. Use the time wisely. Get some rest. Use the flight as a mini-vacation. You’re away from your emails! You have the luxury of not being bothered for a few solid hours so de-stress with a coloring book for adults! Write a letter to an old friend, and just take some time to think and savor this uninterrupted sojourn.


  1. Good tips. When I "travel," it's by motorcycle, not plane, so I've learned to pack carefully. Only what's essential and preferably things that have multiple uses. I agree with you about always having water, snacks and headphones. I also always have a notepad and pen because new ideas float into our brains when we're away from our routine.

  2. Love these tips!!! Whenever I'm traveling internationally, I always bring a cashmere set (wrap, eye mask, and socks) for the plane, face wipes, and face masks. I find the planes so drying so I always try to pack on the moisture so my skin isn't a disaster when I land.
    XO Amanda |

  3. The bag I take with me IS SO RIDICULOUSLY heavy, it's not even funny. I definitely need a little backpack or something better! xx Adaleta Avdic

  4. These are great tips. I always bring way more shoes & clothes than I need. I'm trying to keep in mind to bring a wardrobe that's the same in color palette so I don't need to bring as much.



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