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Tote Bags Options

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I had been researching a travel tote for a cousin of mine, and thought will convert the research into a post. She is looking for a tote and her requirement are pretty high: 

1. Must have zipper to close the top
2. Must have the option of a shoulder strap and cross-body both
3. Large enough to carry a tablet, wallet, phone, passport, cosmetics pouch, small bottle of water, reading material, and a lightweight stole.
4. Construction should be lightweight but tough material.
Should be flexible to fit under the seat in front of you. 
6. Must look stylish.
Dark color
Bonus: If it is constructed to slide on to or attach to your carry on suitcase.

Now the Longchamp sounds like a classic option, but it does not have the option to convert into a cross body bag. I also found a similar Samsonite version which fulfills her 'bonus' requirement but not sure about it's construction. Most of the bags that do look stylish and seem to have sturdy construction (like, this & this) do not come with a cross-body variation. While I do like the Tumi option (it fits most of the requirements) but it comes with a hefty price tag (for a travel tote). After looking high-and-low I am surprised that there is still not a very practical yet stylish travel-tote option out there. Personally, I traveled with a backpack this past trip and I was pretty happy, but I would still like to have an option of a tote (just like my cousin!) 

Below are a few of the totes that did catch my fancy, but didn't blow me over.

In case you have a suggestion, do let me know. 


  1. Nice blog.

  2. Finally a post that helps me find the perfect travel tote. I travel at least 3 times per month and needed some advice in this area.

  3. Love your roundup of travel totes, Longchamp is my fav - so versatile, packable and colorful!

  4. You should check out lo & and sons and also Cuyana! Also Everlane has totes too and all three companies are small businesses with handcrafted bags that will fit these requirements!

    1. I have tried all of those brands. They don't have what I (and my cousin) was looking for unfortunately.


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