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10 Random Things On My Mind:

  • We watched Eye in the Sky this weekend. Loved it. 
  • "It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy." — Lucille Ball
  • I have realized that while I love traveling, I want to outsource the planning. I want someone to plan it JUST LIKE I WOULD, but without bothering me at all. How do I make that happen? :D
  • I plan to workout two times a day on Tuesday & Friday, starting August (aka now!). At the moment I workout 6 times a week. The change in my schedule will make it 8 times a week. Want to shock my system!
  • Also, conjuring up the courage to give up sugar again. Or at least give up ice cream for the next five months. Last I gave up sugar, was in 2011 for 6 months. I never looked/felt better. 
  • I only recently heard this song, and have been playing it on loop for past week. I can't believe it came out two years ago. Have I been living under a rock?
  • Have been reading this book since past week. Highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to get their ass-kicked-into-action. (Will review it on YouTube soon.)
  • This month, I am starting a weekly travel series - "Travel Tuesday". Keep an eye out.
  • Scrolling through my feed, made me realize how much blue I really wear in life.
  • Last but not the least ...
Ann Taylor Midi Skirt Tanvii.com Ann Taylor Midi Skirt Tanvii.com Ann Taylor Midi Skirt Tanvii.com Ann Taylor Midi Skirt Tanvii.com Ann Taylor Midi Skirt Tanvii.com
Top - Gauri & Nainika // Similar
Skirt - Ann Taylor // Same
Heels - BCBG // Better
Pendant - Anthropologie // Same
Clutch - Vintage // Another



  1. 6 times a day?? Tell me that is an error and it is 6 times a week... Otherwise I will have a complex ;-) I workout 3 times a week now and it kills me - Try Mixed Martial Arts... I decided to shock my body with it and I am loving the results in a month itself...

    1. Haha ... clearly an error. Thanks for pointing it out :) I have done mixed martial arts in the past. I do remember feeling like a warrior. I wanna take up dance again though. Can't find a class close enough and I hate driving.

  2. That skirt is amazing!
    xo Jessica

  3. there is a saying that goes like this " you are not a jar of nutella, you cannot make everyone happy"
    Your skirt is pretty!


    1. That's the saying I need to remember daily! :) Thanks lady! Xx

  4. So obviously, your skirt and shoes are fantastic! I saw that Eye in the Sky was available to rent, so I'll have to check it out. Nothing wrong with wearing a lot of blue -- it's a go-to for me as well.

    And it's so funny because two weeks ago I started "two a days" as I call them, in which I workout twice a day. I think I did it maybe 4 times a week for the past two weeks. I'm going to continue doing that this week as well. I just really felt the need to ramp up my cardio, lol. Hope you enjoy it!


    1. That's some inspiration for me. Thanks. I did it once last week and loved it, hence the idea! :)

  5. Cute outfit! I also loved this post - what a great idea for content. You've got some fun things on your mind!

  6. I used to love that song! Honestly, I too wish I had someone who would just plan my travel and hand me the details later on. Love those shoes and that skirt totally rocks! :))))

  7. That skirt is lovely. I'll be keep my eye out for your travel series. xx


  8. Loved reading this post. The book title itself has got me hooked. You look fab. I need the book and skirt in my life!

  9. I wear a lot of blue as well...I'm drawn to the colour!. It means you represent authority and loyalty (among other empowering traits!)

  10. My hubs was all about Eye in the Skye too. Looooove that skirt!


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