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No Tea No Coffee

Often people are shocked (like here) to know that I don't have any morning-beverage-habits. Americans can't believe I don't drink coffee (daily), Indians can't believe I don't drink tea (never have). I can't believe it is such a big deal, for so many people. I wake up, freshen-up and have my ACV drink and half-a-banana and go on with my day.

I don't have an answer for why I don't need anything to 'wake up'. I just wake up and my body is awake. Thankfully, my husband is the same. He doesn't drink anything in the morning (as a habit) either. Although, everyone in my family does drink tea daily. So I am definitely an odd-one-out. As I see it, one less thing to do in an already hectic day.

No caffeine, no alcohol. I guess my only vice now, is sugar.  

The below outfit is from my weekend trip to Philadelphia. More from the weekend to follow in the coming weeks, but you can always catch the glimpses on Snapchat (tanviidotcom) and Instagram

Amalfi Button Skirt 1
Amalfi Button Skirt 3 Amalfi Button Skirt 6 Amalfi Button Skirt 7 Amalfi Button Skirt 8
Amalfi Button Skirt 10
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Tank - Banana Republic // Similar
Skirt - Ann Taylor // Same
Shoes - Converse // Same 
Sunglasses - Ray Bans // Similar
Watch - c/o Daniel Wellington // Same



  1. I'm obsessed with coffee, so it's always so interesting to find people who aren't. Good on you for never acquiring that habit!

  2. What a fun skirt and such awesome backdrops! I don't have a need to drink either tea or coffee, especially in the a.m. But I do enjoy drinking both. I tend to drink coffee around noon because I don't drink it as a "wake me up" thing. I'm just a morning person. But I do like the taste. And I occasionally drink green tea. Still drinking alcohol, but I'm talking like one glass of wine a week or something like that. I hate wasting calories on alcohol, lol.

  3. Alcohol I could prob give Bwah! Looking fabulous lady!

  4. Such a cute outfit! I love the skirt and how you paired it with such simple, althetic pieces!

    La Belle Sirene

  5. love the batman and mosaic tile background in these photos! I'm totally an my tea and my coffee :)

  6. Love the skirt, and your photos are top notch! I think your husband (if he took these) deserves a big ole round of applause. It's hard training the men to take the photos without a doubt ;) I don't know that cutting alcohol and coffee is something I'd ever want to do, LOL. I may be able to do it for...a day LOL! xx Adaleta Avdic

  7. This is such a great skirt! This print looks awesome on you! Shawn doesn't drink coffee either and everything thinks he crazy :)

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  8. Same here! No alcohol, no coffee, and only tea when I have a sore throat! I do drink soda though, but I'm trying to eliminate it!


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