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Night Time Face Routine

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This post was created in partnership with LANEIGE as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review, but all opinions are my own.
Korean skincare brands have been a rage in the beauty world for the last couple of years. And judging by the skin of a few of my Korean descent friends, I want in on their secret. Hence, when I received an opportunity to work with LANEIGE, I was ecstatic. I was sent the seven product from the LANEIGE Bright Renew Line. 

After trying the "Power of 7" for radiant skin, for about two weeks, I knew what all the buzz was about. LANEIGE’s patented Advanced Water ScienceTM technology hydrates the skin from inside the cells to protect, illuminate, revitalize, cover and show immediate visible results. They use cutting edge technology and natural botanicals to address a wide range of skincare concerns (all of which I seem to have!). 

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These steps are crucial for getting glowing and radiant skin, six of which have become a part of my night time face routine. (Check out the full video here)

1. Cleanse - Deep Pore Cleansing Foam, my new favorite night time cleanser. It is gentle yet gives a deep cleanse, unclogs the pores. Perfect for combination to oily skin (like myself!). 

2. Clarify - Next is the Power Essential Toner, which is infused with mineral water to refresh and revitalize. It’s formulated for use on dry/normal skin, to whisk away dead skin cells and promote a healthy clear complexion.

3. Balance - Bright Renew Emulsion is for all skin types. It is a light weight moisturizer which helps fade and prevent dark spots (my biggest concern, after acne!). What I liked the most about the product was that it soaks right into the skin without any greasy feeling.

4. Treat - Bright Renew Original Serum is also for all skin types. It gently brightens and improves the texture of the skin. This too visible reduces the appearance of dark spots and help achieve that radiant skin.  

5. Moisturize - Bright Renew Original Creme is a 24 hour brightening cream infused with skin-perfecting Melacrusher™. It brightens, hydrates and evens the skin tone (again, everything my skin needs!). It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a residue and has a pleasant fragrance. 

6. Revive - Water Sleeping Mark - which is the cherry on the top and it works while you sleep. Revive is an important step to recharge dehydrated skin overnight. The Water Sleeping Mask delivers intensive doses of moisture so you wake up with soft, glowing skin. If you were to pick one product from this line, I would recommend you pick this mask. (Check out the YouTube video below)

Our skin goes through a lot over the course of the day, I always make time for it before bed time and help recover some of that damage (makeup, sun exposure, pollution and stress). LANEIGE is a great skin care line and products are affordable luxury skincare products that are available online and in-store exclusively at Target. For more details: Website | Facebook | Instagram 


  1. i dont have a 'routine' per say but i try to be conscious about removing my makeup at the end of the day..and apply night time cream. recently have been something from lancome. it does make a difference :) koreans or asian people generally have such flawless skin, i always wonder if its the makeup, genetics or whaT???

  2. I've been dying to try Korean products but had zero clue on where to start. So I'm happy to have come across this post!! Going to sign up for the giveaway. Hope I win!! Crossing fingers!

  3. That water sleeping mask sounds like the best item for sure!

  4. I like their packaging. Ive been trying out a lot of new skincare and think I'll add this brand to my list.

  5. These sound like great products. Love the packaging!


  6. i'm a huge fan of laneige! so jealous you got a full set for free!



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