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Life In The DC Area

We moved to the DMV area (or DC area) two years ago. It has been quite a joy ride ever since. We bought a house, I closed my business, started blogging full-time, pivoted into travel blogging, among many other things. 

I firmly believe in letting life take its course and not plan too far ahead or too stringently. So far, it has worked out just fine for me. 

I didn't plan to take any of the turns that I took in the last decade. Opportunities and ideas kept popping up and I kept saying, "Yes!" and voila here we are. And the best part about this journey is that if it all gets taken away tomorrow, I will still be fine ... because I know that whatever lies ahead is going to be equally exciting and fulfilling. 

As long as I am true to myself and enjoying my life every-single-day, there is nothing that can come in my way or bring me down. (Sounds overtly positive, right? To me too :D but it's true!) On that note, in today's video I am sharing seven reason why I love my life since moving to the DMV area. Check it out below or directly on YouTube

When we had moved, we were exploring the DMV in full throttle, I had started a hashtag #TanviInDC, to keep track of all the places and events. Now it is a great resource for me to look back. I still use the hashtag frequently. Below are a few snapshots from the live in the last two years. 



  1. i love the snapshots and can only imagine how looking back on those specific moments.
    so glad you've been loving the area & it's led to your #girlboss status :)


    A.Viza Style

  2. Beautiful sights and thanks for taking us along!

  3. I love the unedited parts in your videos :D

  4. loved your pictures! i recently visited DC and fell in love with the place <3


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