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Healthy Snack Ideas

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Snacking! Another challenge in my healthy living. The moment I feel I have my eating under control, life throws a curve ball and I am back to make changes. Lately, snacking has been my vice. Trying to pick healthy options and having them in moderation has been a struggle. As always, going back to the drawing board and making a plan of action has been been my strategy. 

I decided to fill my pantry with numerous healthy options, which then I packed in invidual size portions (unless they already come in single serving). 

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- Bowl of Fruit
I either go for a bowl of mixed fruits or one single fruit (e.g. apple, orange etc.). Having this as a mid morning snack helps me keep my energy levels up and sweet cravings at bay. 

- Glass of Water
I know water is not a snack. However, often in my experience, the body is not hungry but is giving mixed signals, due to past bad eating habits. Instead of going right for food, having a glass of water helps your brain process whether it is truly hungry or not. And luckily, a glass water does not have any calories. 

- String Cheese
If you are like my you might swing between salty to sweet cravings every other hour. Hence, having options for both those categories in your pantry is important. Weight Watcher's Light Jalapeno string cheese is one of the many options I found at Giant Food. It comes individually packed and is smooth and creamy with a kick of jalapeno peppers.

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- Popcorn 
This is my go-to-snack while working. I choose the individual size option which is low in butter and salt but high in fiber. I definitely cannot resist the hot-yummy-goodness. It’s a perfect snack for one of those busy days when you just want sometime to munch on with least amount of effort. 

- Ice Cream 
I have a sweet tooth, and I cannot lie! Especially in summer, I cannot stay away from ice creams. Luckily, I found Weight Watcher's Snack Size Double Caramel Swirl Ice Cream Cone. It is not only my favorite flavor but also only 90  calories, making it a perfect post-meal snack. 

Stop by your local Giant Food between 9/1/16 – 9/28/16 and when you buy any (5) FIVE participating Weight Watchers products (excluding Heinz SmartOnes & Meeting Room Products) you'll Save $3.00 instantly while supplies last!

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  1. These are all great options. I love when I find ice cream options that are also pretty healthy!

  2. Love these ideas! I want to make healthier snacks and stop eating so much GARBAGE all the time xx Adaleta Avdic

  3. YUM! Love some delicious and healthy snacks!

  4. I LOOOOVE ice cream and froyo, especially in the summer too and lately I've had a BIG sweet tooth! I'm currently doing a 3 week no sugar/processed food challenge and I've notice I don't think about sweets as much. My favorite healthy snack is rice cakes and almond butter :)



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