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Friday Fitness: Five Commandments

Today I am sharing my 5 Gym/Workout Commandments, which in my experience a lot of people ignore but are important in order to get an effective workout. The basic idea is to make the workout as efficient and comfortable as possible. Small twitches in habits and wardrobe options can make a huge difference. Starting with:

  1. Make Up - Personally I would never wear make up and head to the gym, besides the fact that I think that looks ridiculous, it is also not good for your skin. As you start sweating it would clog your pores (and probably start running down your face?). I usually just apply my moisturizer and sunscreen and am ready to go. 
  2. Hair - I always tie my hair back in a pony tail, plait or a bun. Trying to keep them away from my face (especially eyes). Having your hair all over your face is not only unattractive but also not a efficient way to work out. 
  3. Deodorant - I do not think I need to explain this any further, but just in case - Please use deodorant generously before and after your workout. People around you will Thank you! 
  4. Clothes - Workout gear need to fit your body, not only to avoid accidents (getting stuck in machines, stumbling, etc) but also allow you to get an effective workout. Over sized tee shirts and loose track pants are a BIG NO!  
  5. Undergarments - I am talking about sports bras for women and cotton underwear (briefs) for men. You don't want your girls to be bouncing around too while you bounce, now do you? Cotton is the most absorbent material, hence ideal for all sweating condition.

Below pictures are from 2012 - A glorious evening at St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.
Tank - Bershka // Another Option
Shorts - Rachel Roy via Macys // Similar
Flip Flops - Old Navy // Another Option
Pendant - ASOS // Similar
Cap - Puma // Another Option


  1. i think a nice fitting workout makes a huge difference...and about the makeup...i dont put on a makeup but i go workout directly from work hence have the makeup on :P

    1. Haha That's understandable but I do think you should take if off if you are doing any workout which might make you sweat. :)

  2. I love those commandments! funny I just posted on why i like to workout :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss


  3. Love your swag gal, its so refreshing <3 U look super stylish even in shorts :)
    And Wow your thighs - u know what i mean ;) I can only dream of these

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  4. I don't understand girls who wear makeup to the gym. I one girl I always saw even wore red lipstick lol!



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