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Weekday Lunch Date at Cava Mezze

As you know we are a big fan of lunch dates. And our dates are not restricted to weekends, we are notorious about heading out for lunch in the middle of a working week. It has been a case with us for years. 

One of my favorite places for lunch (especially a working lunch) is Cava Mezze. The first time I had been to one of their location was over a year ago, when we were new to the DMV area. I had heard so much about them on social media that I was skeptical whether it would live up to its hype. 

As it turns out, I had no reason to worry. Not only did it live up to the hype, it went above and beyond. And now it's been almost two years and I am eating there every few weeks. 

Cava Mezze Tanvii.com 1
Their option for Mezze Mania is fantabulous. 
Cava Mezze Tanvii.com 2
Crazy Feta is a popular choice and for good reason!
Cava Mezze Tanvii.com 6
I cannot, NOT, order Tzatziki at a Mediterranean restaurant
Cava Mezze Tanvii.com 4
While I prefer their Zucchini Fritters more, Falafel are my next favorite.
Cava Mezze Tanvii.com 3
Brussels Sprouts are my personal favorite! 
Just writing this post, I am salivating. Don't be surprised if I you find me there this afternoon. Also, to add to the quality of food, their service is attentive, courteous and prompt. 

If it was not a weekday I would have definitely ordered a dessert, but that only means that I need to go back and have it soon. 

Check out more on their website


  1. UGH, that all looks SO good! I've recently learned to love brussel sprouts so I'm sorta drooling over those!

    xo, Amanda | www.thegoldengirldiary.com

  2. This look soo good! I'm hungry now. xx



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