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Living A Conscious Life

I follow many motivational speakers, on YouTube. I was discussing one such video with my husband. I asked him, "How come everyone shares this stuff and agrees that yes, we need to make a change and then goes back to living their life as they always have?" Husband thinks it is because these motivational videos and posts do not penetrate people. They are fleeting thoughts, but are not impactful enough to make life-changing decisions. Unless you are at rock bottom and looking for a desperate way out. 

I didn't agree with his theory. I do echo his thoughts on how most of such videos do rounds but they are not stimulating enough. But I also think that most people are not even trying to change their ways. They are not living a conscious life. They merely, just exist. They share such videos and articles, only because they want to 'appear' intelligent and worldly. However, at the core of it all, they do not really care or mean it. 

What do you think? Which side of the debate are you on?

DeNada 2 DeNada 4 DeNada 7 DeNada 1 DeNada 5
Muscle Tee Knit - c/o DeNada 
Crop Top - Old // Better
Skirt - Old // Similar
Shoes - Shoes of Prey // Another Option



  1. Absolutely love the outfit, looks too chic.


  2. Your top and your shoes are ridiculously fantastic! In love with this look. And I must say that I agree with what both you and your husband said. I think people fall on both sides of the debate, not one or the other. Some people don't get inspiration that actually penetrates, while others simply don't actually care enough to make a change.

  3. I love how you incorporated different textures and prints in this outfit!

  4. I think that people do care, but change is really, REALLY hard. Even making small change in your daily routine takes a LOT of care and effort. I think that people watch a video and would like change, but they don't care to level that's necessary to make such a drastic change. I think that sharing videos still helps because it slowly makes people care more and more, which makes change more and more inevitable :) BTW, you look amazing in this look! The shoes are incredible!

  5. Love those shoes! Have a great week :)

    Edye | Http://

  6. I agree with both. I have been listening to more inspirational podcasts and YouTube channels and making small steps toward positive change, but I am with Ashley, sometime it's easier said than done :) BUT, small steps always help me! Also, loving this look on you - these heels are divine! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  7. You look gorgeous girl and those shoes are so fun!


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