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How to keep the weight off once you have lost it?

Nothing happens until something moves - Albert Einstein

I have been slacking for the past few weeks, but it is time to get back to my usual life. Below are some of my tips on how to keep the weight off. And no it is not easy. It never gets easy. You just learn to enjoy the workouts. 
  1. Eat everything but in small portions. I do not deprive myself of anything. History has taught me that if I do, I only end up binge eating at one or the other point 
  2. Restrict Alcohol. I never drink more than may be once a month and never over 2 drinks! Although I have not had alcohol for past seven months. I don't crave it, so why have the calories, right? 
  3. Help of my partner. Me and Dr. Fab workout together (whenever we can). This way when one of us is losing our path of sanity the other one intervenes. 
  4. Keep challenging myself. I like every form of workout. Indoors/Outdoors. Yoga/Kickboxing. Cardio/Strength. It helps me stay motivated and interested 
  5. Support Groups. I have formed my own circle of support. I am in touch with ALL my personal trainers. It kinda feels like I have to always prove myself to them [Just like how we still want to prove to our school teachers that we are still good students?!?] 
  6. Cook it! I try and cook my food at least 5 days of the week. I avoid eating processed and outside food as much as possible. [Holidays and vacations don't count :P] 
  7. Public Humiliation. With this blog and pictures and my inability to shut up! I have dug a grave for myself. I cannot lose face in front of everyone by becoming fat and unhealthy now, can I? 
  8. Love my clothes. I do not have the heart to throw/give away so many clothes. I cannot be fat or change in size 'coz if I do what will happen to all my amazing clothes? I workout so that my clothes have a roof over their head. 
  9. Love Myself. I do! I do not like being sick, or weak or even bloated. I like feeling strong and having the mental and physical strength to over come any obstacle. 
  10. My Life. Over time working out and eating healthy is no more 'a part of my life'. Having a good lifestyle is 'my whole life'. And I like it like that. [To each their own, right?!]


  1. Hey dear! CONGRATES!
    I know how much effort u put 2 achieve this level of fitness.
    Keep it up.U surely look fabulous.
    I feel u need 2 part with old clothes 2 make space in almira.Then reason 2 SHOP:)
    Love you.

  2. Your dedication to fitness is admirable! Keep it have come a looong looong way.

    My dedication fluctuates :-p (like my size!)

    Enjoy the summer!

  3. Congratulations :) for yourself and also for inspiring someone who really needs a lot of pushing at times (aka me!). I think I completely agree on two accounts- working out with someone else really does help (joined a Yoga group and I know its far more fun doing it with someone)...and also that, also new challenges are so important...mum was distressed that I kept varying my schedules so much, but now I know that's the way I stay motivated and hence it works...

  4. Wow!
    Now we know the secret;-)

    Please also thank your mom n dad and their great genes...for despite it all most of us won't reach there:-)

    N don't worry about the public humiliation...
    We'll love you any which way..for besides being a stunner..u write adorably well:-)

  5. I simply adore people who work out regularly.I my self is an fitness freak .Fitness gives a new life to a person and those who practice it can only understand it:)

  6. Hi, thanks for the comment on my last post, point taken... :-)

    Have a lovely day.

  7. Love this post! I follow all of those rules too! I'm all about fitness!

    xx rk

  8. I like that line which says that you are in touch with all your personal trainers. Wink wink.
    You are super fit and super conscious about health, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

  9. You are indeed fabulously fit. I love reading your pointers and I agree with you on everything. I just wish I can cook. I really suck in the kitchen. Hahaha!

    Have a great day Tanvi! xoxo

  10. Mom - Thanks! If I had always listened to you I wldnt have to do so much hard work! But better late than never, right? :) I will make space for more shopping. Don't worry .. heheh

    Anita - Thanks! It's addiction more than dedication now :o)

    Upasna - Yay! It makes me so happy when I am able to motivate someone. It feels like passing on the good stuff to the world ... Oh well! I am sure you will reap the benefits of Yoga soon. Kisses!

    Suruchi - I am starting to get addicted to your comments. They are full of praise and compliments. I likey :P Hehe ... Well I thank my parents for everything coz I am what I am coz of them. Specially thank them for giving me a stable childhood but fitness is something I worked on. Genes didnt give it to me. I had to work on it. :o) I will send you the link to my story :P

    Anamika - I am so glad there are more people who like to work out. It's weird trying to explain people who working out is so grt when they'd rather be a couch potato! *high.five.sister*

    Colin - You are welcome!

    rk - Hey! I could see that in your pictures that you are athletic. No wonder you look that great :o) *high.five* to you too!

    Kiran - I am glad you approve! *Everyone* Kiran is one of my trainers from Delhi and she is fabulous herself. Mother of two teenage boys and looks no more than 20 ;)

    Leah - Haha! Thanks! Well you are so good at so many other things ... Cooking is not that important when one looks like you do ;)

  11. You are gorgeous!

    Can I ask you any work out that can done at home to have flatter abs. lately I've put on a lot of flab around my tummy area..thought the rest of my body is good. And I donot wanna loose weight.

  12. I really like this post!
    I am struggling to start my own workout routine myself and this is inspiring.

    As for my post... GO FOR IT!
    I would be honored :)


  13. I really like this post!
    I am struggling to start my own workout routine myself and this is inspiring.

    As for my post... GO FOR IT!
    I would be honored :)


  14. Great tips! I have a lot of weddings and parties coming up in the next few weeks and this will definitely help keep off those pounds!

  15. Congratulations, you make me want to hit the gym! I used to be super active, but these past two years my activity level has dwindled. You give me hope, though. Keep on blogging, your openness is inspiring!

  16. thank you for your visit and lovely comments =)
    and what a great plan you have for summer, working out with your hubby and cooking sounds like fun and healthy!

  17. Wow, great post!
    Also.. we are obsessed with your blog!!
    Love, love, love it!!!

  18. Wow you have such a positive outlook! I just look down at my baby pudge and think, "oh well, another cupcake..." Ok that's not exactly true every day but it's close. You certainly are an inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle! :)

  19. Keep it up sweety!!!!
    You inspire me to try harder!!
    You are my idol!!!!!

    mouats!!! :*


  20. no wonder women :) why am i not surprised :)

  21. You really are such an inspiration. I’m struggling a bit at the moment and it’s always good to be reminded it is totally possible. Ok, I’m putting down the pizza.

  22. Cinderella - *blush* Thanks! I am no expert but belly fat has mostly to do with eating habits! I'll send you an email.

    Bess Seidler - Thanks! :) Watch this space now :P

    Style, She Wrote - Thanks! Glad I cld help :)

    deep_in_vogue - I do! Haha ... Well that's partially the purpose I suppose, to motivate everyone ard me :)

    A Casa da Vá - You are welcome! :) Let's hope I stay with my plan!

    Brunch girls - You are? I am honored. Why didn't you tell me this before? hehe! Thanks for your lovely comment.

  23. Dee - Positive outlook is the only thing makes me go by the day often! :) Thanks for your kind words!!!

    Kelly - Thanks babes! Are you back from your fabulous vacation?

    @ Smrithi - Big Smile :)

    what i would have worn... - You are back!!! I missed you :) How's the book coming along? About that pizza .. yes put it down, now! :P [Kiddin!]

  24. i bookmarked this page tanvi for *constant inspiration* wink

  25. Great tips! So great that you are able to keep to this!

  26. Would like to hear your view on Incidental/Intentional exercise. Backdrop - this ( comment got me thinking.

  27. Great tips!! Especially the reminder about all of the fabulous clothes that you still want to wear! I'm like you, I can go ages without eating junk food but the second I decide that I will "give it up" I want to binge eat it like crazy! Everything in moderation, plus cooking most meals for yourself and regular exercise is my system.
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

  28. Agree with these points, especially #2. I decided to cut back on alcohol because I wanted to get my calories from food instead of liquor, and then after a couple days I just realized that I didn't like drinking all that much, lol. I still drink probably two drinks a week and that works for me.

  29. Your alcohol restriction would NEVER work for me LOL. Once a month & not more than 2 drinks?! LOL that would never work for me! xx Adaleta Avdic


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