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How to accessorize with jewelry?

End of Fall 13

Accessorizing an outfit is not as intimidating as it might seem. All it takes is practice and a little planning. If you are not sure then start with one body part at a time - earrings or necklace and bangles or rings. 

However, if you feel completely lost, then this might help you get started as today I am sharing some of the basics I try and follow while accessorizing an outfit: 

1. What color is your outfit? If, 

  • Neutral - add dash of color
  • Monochromatic - use metallics
  • All Black or All White - could mix and match colors and patterns
  • Colorful - go for neutrals

2. What style are you sporting today? If, 

  • Professional - depends on your work place but statement pieces work well. 
  • Girly - could mix colors, play with patterns, use scarfs, headbands, etc. 
  • Night out - bling & statement pieces
  • Bohemian - an opportunity to wear everything exotic & eclectic

3. What is the neckline of your top/dress? 

This would help you determine what you wear on your neck. If you are ...
  • wearing a v-neck blouse or top then a pendant would look great with the look.
  • wearing a round neck then a statement collar necklace or a long beaded string would look good too
  • willing to experiment and/or have already mastered the art of basic accessorizing then you can have a go at stacking different lengths of pendant and necklaces to make a statement

When it comes to bangles/bracelets and rings, I match them either to the necklace I am wearing or to the colors of the outfit. Sometime it can also be fun to mix-random-colors and patterns and stack them up. You can also read, an article I found interesting on 6 rules of accessorizing. I hope I have encouraged convinced you to give accessorizing a shot. Haven't I? ;)



  1. These are some really valuable tips!

    Ivelisse |

  2. These are such great tips! Love that circle necklace!
    xo Jessica

  3. Very useful tips!

    Nisha |

  4. Lovely tips. I get so lazy in the morning that I end up not accessorizing and assume my makeup is enough ;) xx Adaleta Avdic

    1. haha ... and I skip the make up thinking clothes and jewelry is enough :D


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