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Fitness Friday: Take a break!

May be it is because its summers, or may be because I have 'time-off' on my mind officially, but here's something you haven't heard from me yet, as far as fitness is concerned, i.e. - Take a break! - Yes, the feeling after a good workout is the best feeling in the whole wide world but your life cannot and should not rotate around it. 

Life, is for living and experiencing everything it has to offer. Travel, food, adventure and even being lazy once-in-a-while. Like work, taking a break from working out, can also refresh you and your mind. In all the years of working out, a week to 10 days of break has always had positive effect on my over all body. Of course be smart about it - eat clean, stay active and once the 'break' is over be sure to be back on the plan. 

Some of the benefits of taking a break, in my humble opinion and experience:
  • It helps heal the wear and tear of muscles
  • Muscles gets time to adapt to the change
  • You come back mentally stronger and raring to go...
  • In short ... it does wonders!
Do you take break from working out?

This post is for people who are regular with their workouts and not for people who take a break every other day and for life threatening reasons like stomach aches, hangovers, late nights or something equally important like that.

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  1. Sigh, I've taken too many breaks and really need to get back in the routine. A break after a great, intense workout is always a good thing to renew the muscles!


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