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Burn Fat & Curb Your Appetite

If you are a regular here then you know I workout hard. However, in spite of all my efforts there have been areas that I have struggled to tone down. Partially because I have a sweet tooth and I like carbs, and partially because of my body composition. If 'live' my life then I have to bare the consequences, and if I stay 100% clean (food wise), life seems not-worth-living. So you catch my drift?

Two months ago I incorporated Apple Cider Vinegar to my morning routine (which with all the moisturizing and anti-aging routine and workout and breakfast is already quite extensive). First thing I told myself when I started this was to be patient and that there will be no miracles. And there haven't been any. What they say about, "all good things take time!' happens to be true by my experience. 

Below, in the video, you can checkout how I prepare my drink. If you are not a cayenne person, you can switch it with honey which would make it sweet. I prefer cayenne as I like things hot and spicy, also because it helps subsiding post-workout cramps and curb (unnecessary) appetite. 

As for Apple Cider Vinegar, you must ensure it is organic and "with mother" mentioned on the bottle. The most popular and reliable one is from Bragg (shop here) but you can get any as long as it is organic. Other benefits include: 
  1. significant decline in body weight, abdominal fat, waist circumference, and triglycerides (when regularly consumed for three months or more)
  2. improves heart health (The vinegar contains malic acid which clears clogged arteries, lymph nodes, and organ tissues)
  3. helps eliminate acne, warts, and many other skin blemishes and discolorations (when applied directly to skin)
  4. treats heartburn
  5. improves sleep quality
  6. is a home remedy for insomnia
  7. improves energy levels
  8. helps with digestion
  9. strengthens the immune system

What else could you ask a single ingredient to do? Right? Hit play below and find out the magic. 

Hope you enjoy this video. Do leave me your feedback in the comments below or on the YouTube video itself.



  1. I've been doing the ACV/lemon juice combo for like a month now - only I don't heat my water up. Does that make it easier to drink? lol It's a bit of a struggle for me to drink, but it seems to be helping. I feel different when I don't take it.


  2. I've seriously saved the recipe for this, and want to try it ASAP. I need to convince the Mr, so we're both on the regiment! xx Adaleta Avdic

  3. i have been drinking ACV since 3-4 months and have felt good changes in my body :)


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