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Be Great Out There

Punta Cana, DR 5
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In the last couple of years, one of the most important things I have learnt in life is to compliment people on everything that I appreciate and/or find admirable in them. That, not only makes someone else's day but also makes me feel good. It is like my positive deed of the day. Hence, when I heard about the #BeGreatOutThere campaign by Nature Valley, I knew I had to share that message with my readers as well as my friends and family.

I spend majority of my day online, a pre-requisite of my work and life but that had driven me to make an extra effort connect with people in real life. Whether it is by a simple text, tweet or call, I try and reach out to my friends and  family constantly. The power of positive thinking and words is magical. One can not imagine what it might mean to someone who is having a bad day. I message my parents daily to let them know I love them, I message my brother weekly to let him know I am there for him, I message my friends often to let them know I care and I miss them. I message my husband daily, to let him know I love him! We all could use a little (more!) love, appreciation, and kindness, every now and then.

I had not been a person who gave many compliments, but I have consciously tried and changed that about myself in the last couple of years. Even when I feel I might sound ridiculous, I choose to with my gut feeling and tell strangers how fabulous they are, or how gorgeous they look, or how I admire them for who they are! 

If you too would like to show your support to your friends and family you can join in the initiative to #BeGreatOutThere too (and download the Nature Valley coupon to save on your next purchase!)


  1. YUM I love Nature Valley. Great post!!
    XO Amanda |

  2. I love Nature Valley bars!

  3. So true! I often find that giving compliments feels better than getting them anyways :)

  4. LOVE THIS!!! Something I have been working on as well. I have been known to roll down the window and yell at people! haha but I know if I got a compliment on my outfit from a stranger It would make my day!


  5. I love this post, i agree with giving compliments is so much better then getting them. xx

  6. This is such a lovely reminder Tanvi! Even though giving a compliment seems like the smallest of gestures, you have no idea how much is can positively affect the person on the receiving it costs all of NOTHING! These new Nature Valley flavours sound DELISH- you had me at 'almond butter'!

  7. I used to not give out compliments because I didn't want anyone to think I was being a suck-up, and honestly I just didn't know how to compliment without being awkward. I've learned how to do it now since it's obviously such a big part of commenting on other bloggers' work. Love this post! ;) xx Adaleta Avdic

  8. I love this post!! I think that giving out compliments is a great idea and something that I don't do enough of. I always feel so awkward but I am doing my best to get past this.
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista


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