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Don't Worry About The Unfollowers - It is a good thing!

Have people unfollowed you on social media? Or friends and family who have NOT followed you ever? Did that hurt your feelings? Don't worry you are not alone. It has happened to all of us, at one point or the other.

We all want people to "like us" but that it not enough any more, we also want them to "like" our pictures, favorite our tweets, comment on Instagram and give a thumbs up on YouTube. We want validation everywhere, all the time.

Sure, we all lose followers. They come and go almost daily. And that's their prerogative. They chose to follow you and now they can choose to unfollow you. No strings attached. The thing is though, your feeling get hurt. You equate their lack of social media love to how they feel about you personally.That's neither true nor healthy.

So now anytime I hear my friends (online or offline) beat themselves over this I remind that, "You do your thing and do it well. Share your message and let people do what they may with it! Don't try and please everyone, because then you please no one."

Most people are inherently people pleasers. And the reality is that you cannot please everyone. Everyone uses social media differently. The whole concept of social media revolves around that it is supposed to be self-serving. 
Sometimes, what you are offering is not what they’re looking for. It only means that their interests have changed and your content is not serving them as it was before. So stop all self-deprecating talk. 

We all interact with online content in our own way. What entertains me, may bore you. What makes brings a smile on your face, may irritate me. We are all different. Each one of us. Do not forget that on the other side of the screen there is a real person with their own set of likes, interests and beliefs. If they chose to unfollow you, that was their right! It is seldom personal. Focus on yourself and your content, that's all that is in your hands! 

Click below to hear my thoughts on WHY someone unfollowing you is a GOOD thing!


  1. right on dear..i unfollow people all the time too so it doesnt really bug me when people unfollow me.

  2. And sometimes you just kind of grow apart. There were some people I was following in the beginning that I no longer follow because I no longer think out interests are the same. And I'm sure people feel the same way about me. It's just how social media works.

  3. I don't take it personally. Our taste evolves over time. I do unfollow people every now and then.

  4. Great post. One should not be bothered.

    I love your pictures..they're amazing! :D


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