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Friday Fitness: Why I prefer to cook my own food?

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My struggle with food is nearly over. I do not live to eat, and food has not been my enemy for the longest time now. I eat what I want, when I want, as much as I want. Of course, since I am a sensible person (now!) I want to eat healthier things, I eat on time (before 7pm mostly), and in small or moderate portions. Problem solved, you'd think! Now the problem I face is that I only like to eat the food I cook (with a very-few-people being the exception!). No, it is not 'coz I think I am the best cook in the world. It is 'coz I know my body the best and I make food appropriate for my digestion and metabolism. 

Now an average person does not (would not!) understand my logic. Contrary to most people I ENJOY eating at home. I enjoy cooking my own food. I do not feel I need a break from the kitchen. Food has become a part of my life, like breathing, sleeping, exercising. And when I do feel I need a break, I trust sandwiches to be the best option (without mayo & cheese!).  
  • I need to know what is in there, and how much? Like oil, and spices. 
  • I trust, only myself! Seriously! This might also extend to other areas in my life 
  • Its cheaper, and I am thrifty. No shame in saving!
  • I like my food spicy and hot. No one else makes it like I do ;) #fact
  • How it looks is as important as how it tastes. I like good-looking-everything
  • After 4pm I am certified lazy. Eating out? On most days ain't gonna happen
  • I am a borderline germ-o-phobe What's the proof that everyone washes their hands?
  • I like the compliments And I get them 9 out of 10 times when I cook! #winning

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  1. i hear you! i enjoy eating out but depends..but mostly, i will take homemade food over anything else as well :)


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