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A Day In My Life

I was surprised when a few of my readers asked to share 'a day in life' video. My days are pretty mundane, robotic and non-eventful. I thoroughly enjoy the pace of my life, but I assume that to an outsider it might seem boring, simple, or not interesting. 

Nonetheless, I decided to document one of the days from start to finish. I felt, rather silly doing it, but I did enjoy it. Hope you enjoy viewing it too. 

If you have any other requests for videos or a suggestion (or criticism) feel free to share your feedback or ask me questions in the comments below or via this survey /Facebook/ Tweet / Email me.

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  1. It might seem mundane, but I actually enjoyed watching your day in my life video. It's nice to see how others spend their days -- especially for a non-blogger reader, I suppose. Your routine looked like a good one (and your makeup was fab). By the way, I also hate going to the mall, especially when you don't find what you want!


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